Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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COnvo Part I
Convo Part II

Me: valentine's coming haha

Me: so damn sad
sakai: hahahhaa
Sakai: im rotting at home again
Me: ahahahahha
Me: im rusting at home :p
Sakai: lol
Me: apa la
Me: how many years rust edi
me: 21 years
Me: last year i went out ... to 1 utama without realizing it's valentine's
Sakai: ei
Sakai: my bday
Sakai: wat u wanna giv me?
Sakai: hahahha
Me: ceh
Me: u heartless
Sakai: apa heartless
Me: memang pun heartless
sakai: where got ar
Sakai: i teman u online ar
Sakai: :P
Me: once in dunno how many months
Sakai: hahahhaa
Me: betul tak
Sakai: malas to online lar
Sakai: u bz buayaring
Me: nobody to buaya
Me: i dont buaya
Me: i retired
Sakai: sampat
Sakai: belum dapat hasil
Sakai: dah retired
Sakai: -.-
Me: lol
sakai: gilaness
Sakai: -.-
Me: not interested edi ler
Sakai: like
Sakai: ppl pregnant half way
Sakai: wanna go for abortion edi
Sakai: -.-
Me: u want to go for abortion arr
Me: hahhahahahaha
Sakai: =.=
Sakai: kek sei
Me: i pity ur future wife
Sakai: -.-
Me: lol
Me: no meh
Me: later half way pregnant u ask her 2 go for abortion
Me: ahahha
Sakai: u la..
Sakai: buaya
Sakai: belum dapat hasil
Sakai: retired
Me: lol
Me: u la
Me: i buaya just 4 fun not to get anything
Me: mine is without motive
Me: like u meh
Me: get 7
Sakai: where got wor
Sakai: 7 ur head
Me: at one time
Me: ok 3
Sakai: 3 ur head
Me: thwn how many
Sakai: none lar
Sakai: i single for
Sakai: dunno how many months edi
Sakai: lol
Sakai: hmm
Sakai: see first la
Sakai: u dun plan to do anything ar?
Sakai: slack til
Me: im going fr degree
Sakai: see u with the same clothes everyday again
Sakai: ahahhahahaha
Me: woiiii
Sakai: hahahhahahahhaa
Sakai: isnt it true?
Sakai: LOL
Me: ceh
Me: like that la now
Sakai: hahhahaha
Sakai: alamak
Sakai: lol
Me: but my jacket wont be THAT big now
Sakai: malam buta
Sakai: pun make ppl laugh
Sakai: celaka
Sakai: :P
Sakai: hahahhaa
Me: apa la when i made u laff
Me: sampat
Sakai: hahahhaa
Me: gila


Read Convo Part I first before proceeding

Sakai: so hows ur income?
Sakai: :P
Me: takda
Me: ahaha
Me: 3 only ler
Sakai: why?
Me: i din even open
Sakai: lol
Sakai: me 6 only
Me: syiok la
Me: more than me
Me: double
Me: ahahha
Sakai: lol
Me: i din go visiting some more
Sakai: ahahahhaha
Sakai: me oso
Sakai: juz rott at home
Me: i dont like ler
Sakai: how pathetic
Sakai: haha
Sakai: same lar
Me: i prefer to be at home
Me: ahahhahaha
Sakai: i refuse to go
Sakai: ya ya
Sakai: go there
Sakai: dunno do wat
Me: go ppl house .. hi uncle happy new year
Sakai: ang pow
Me: so damn sad
Sakai: RM10
Sakai: sit
Me: better dont go
Sakai: whole day
Sakai: celaka
Me: have to pretend pretend
Sakai: yea yea
Me: fake fake
Sakai: hahahhaa
Me: im not actress
Sakai: smile smile
Sakai: hahaha
Me: dont 1 2 go hahaha
Me: yayayay
Sakai: hahahahaha
Me: aiii .... dunno y people like to visit
Me: some so desperate for angpao
Sakai: yeah
Me: dunno what's wrong with them
Me: maybe last time small ler .. after that ... eeh tak syiok
Sakai: hahahhaa
Sakai: soon la
Sakai: ur the one
Me: but many people i see still ... like orang gila
Sakai: who's giving out angpau
Sakai: hahahahahaha
Sakai: :P
Me: u also ler talk so much
Sakai: no la
Sakai: still young
Me: -_-
Sakai: lol
Me: i very old now arr -_-
Sakai: no ar
Sakai: i didnt say oso
Sakai: :P
Me: ceh

Convo PART I

Me: gila la lu
sakai: like dat gila meh
Me: gila la hahahha
Sakai: celaka
Sakai: cny pun curse orang
Me: soli la
Me: now 3rd day edi
Me: so ok
Sakai: still mah
Sakai: according to the lunar calendar
Me: mos important 1st day dont curse
Me: kakakakkaka
Sakai: sampated
Me: apa sampated
Me: aiseh
Me: that is my nickname for my blog
Sakai: sampated?
Sakai: lol
Sakai: change name oredi ka?
Me: tha is nickname for the ID only
Me: display name different
Me: what ler
Sakai: ntg
Sakai: nvm la
Sakai: thats ur trademark
Sakai: hahaha
Me: WHAT??????????/
Sakai: ntg ntg
Sakai: :P
Me: cehhh
Sakai: nanti kena curse lagi

Monday, January 30, 2006

Confusion Video

Haha hey peeps, I got this from my lober, and found it very funny hehee. SO, feel free to check that out and tell me what do you guys think about it.

I laughed like hell HAHAHAHA


Click on that :)


Show with John Stewart


Sunday, January 29, 2006


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Image hosting by Photobucket

Hello ... pics pics here ... haha

Happy "Wow Wow" Year

To everyone out there,

Have a Happy and Presperous Chinese New Year in the Year of the Dog

Good Health and Wealth

12am *TING*

I was fast asleep on my bed haha
This is the first Chinese New Year that I was asleep when the clock strikes at 12
I very nice sleep indeed

Thank you everyone for the greetings :)

For those who are working: Hope that promotion is on your way
Bosses and owners: Hope that money roll in
Students: Get good grades

Everyone else: Good bond with family members and health

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Freaking scary

Finally, I have sent my car to service today in Shell station because the EON was so troublesome. They want you to have a registration card, this card, and that card which was terribly troublesom. So, migh as well service in another place.

Two days ago when I went to 1U, my car was making a whole lot of noise. I didnt know what was that and I stopped at the side of the road. I can tell you that I freaked out big time. I got down from the car to check if something is wrong with the car but nothing's wrong. I off the air cond and the noise faded off. When I was going back, everything's seem all right and fine. Hmmph ...

Yesterday was the scariest! It made noise again and I had to switch off the air cond. It was bloody hot and I was suffering there in the car. Body temperature increases 100% hehe. I waited for Nyakk in the car and this time, hot air came out from the car. I drove to commander's place but ... when we were on our way there, I was so scared that something will happen, I was freaked out big time. There's smell, some funny and weird smell. OMG! Then, when I was near the LRT station, a guy at the lorry's passenger seat was pointing and sort of shouting (like I know what was he shouting) at us and the car. I didn't know what was going on. I was scared! Nyakk told everything will be alright .. chillllll ~~~

Well, after that we decided to take Kancil instead because there's a big risk if we were to take my car. When we came back, Nyakk's dad checked my car and he said my car is alright. It's only the air cond. Pheww~~

It's freaking scary okay. If this things happen, I have much thoughts going in my mind. What if this and what if that. I am glad that everything's fine now. Thank God!

Now, car has been serviced but ... air cond is not fixed.

~Balik Kampung~

Friday, January 27, 2006

Eating session...

Harlow ... eating session. :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
Zinger Burger, really nice when I had a date with Kylie ... keke

Image hosting by Photobucket
It's me ... while waiting for my commander

Image hosting by Photobucket
The weather was damn freaking hot until my whole face turned color ... cant see in the cam tho haha phew~

Image hosting by Photobucket
Don't you think they are so lucky? This is the original one ... wee ... eating them? :o :o

Image hosting by Photobucket
While this is black pepper ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Fuiyohhh ... water ... from Kenny Rogers HAHA

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Not another one ...

Oh My ... not another one ...

I do not where he got my ID and added me. Whatever it is, he was looking for me high and low as I did not reply him each time he messaged me. It's either I did not have the mood to do so, or simply because I was not in front of my lappie, which I named it as AceBob. Erm ... actually I just thought of that name few minutes ago hehe.

Finally, he got me online and this time, I replied him. Hmm ... I did not where he was from at first but looks like he was from Perancis and working here, KL. He wanted to see me on cam, in which I don't agree because I do not know who he is, and what will happen if he capture my pictures. Later on, he wanted my pics. I told him that, the furthest I could go was only on display, but definitely sending him my pics is not possible. After pictures, it is followed by numbers. He was actually kind of forcing me to give, but obviously I DONT agree because I don't know who the devil he is.

Actually, he asked for my number after he said "Hi" which I think is quite ridicullous. I don't simply give out my numbers, more so to a total stranger. Pffftttt!!! After I refuse his the cam request, he accuse me of having a mindset of a 12 year old. Goodness! What devil is this. Oh man, I do not know if he is the one who has that mindset or me. I supposed that's him. Remember, one finger pointing at others, three fingers pointing back at you. Remember!

I do not think he is that young either. Minimum age for him I supposed would be at least in his mid 30s. HAH!

Some light at the end ...

Since the bad news was broken to me last Friday, in which my dance studio was going to close down after CNY, now I guess I have to finally move on. Guess what? My friend, LD, whom I know from Pose had enlightened me. She had stopped way before me due to some nervousness in class and now, she and a couple of friends are going to learn Hip Hop from a quite well-known choreographer in FAB, Sec. 14. I do not know what to expect, but from what she had said, he is reallt good. In spite of that, I do not want to expect too much either. According to her, he teaches young people hip hop and I supposed the moves are quite groovy. Fact is, the students are all working adults and they are already in their 30s and maybe one from her 50s? I do not know how it is going to be then. I just hope that this is going to be the blast, going to be the "one" I am looking for. If it does not leave up to expectations, then perhaps I might just go to my boss' studio which is located near Pose. Oh well, let's see how it goes.

From MYB instead, Em PMed me to enquire about dancing from me? I can't help her much as now I feel like I am retrenched or fired, whatever you wanna call that. I guess she does not want to go dancing alone hehe, she needs friends. Base from past experience, well if you are new there and everyone else know each other, plus if you are not familiar with it, it can be quite difficult. I feel for her but I can't do much. I know pretty much how she feels as I felt really bad after I stopped dancing to go for my training back in 2003. That's even worse because I have started dancing and I did not expect to stop, not at all. Oh well ... of course I would like her to join me, but I do not know if she will be interested as, she will be the youngest there, and the way he is going to teach might not be the same like he used to do. Perhaps, the class will be going in a slower pace. I love more challengers and more difficult moves and routines. There's where the excitement is! But ... I really do not know. Let's just see ...

Let's Hope!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yayy!!! Dance dance and danceeee!!!

P/s: I googled this pic out again ...

Am I blocked?

Him: Is S@kai in your online list now?
She: No ar, why?
Him: Ooh okay, that means she didnt block me, coz she didnt even online in YM
She: Oo yea?
Him: Yup, didnt online since morning
She: Ahh
Him: Phew~ I'm safe

SO afraid of me blocking? Really? Really? Woooo ....
Btw, my nickname is sakai some people do call me that

Image hosting by Photobucket

Lock you from my list, dont play play, dont provoke me HOHOHO.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Durians and me

Heheheh ... DURIAN!!!!!!

I ate durian yesterday!!! :p It was goood, from Bentong again if I am not mistaken. Hmm talking about durians yes, I have always love eating durians since I was little. Being a 3-year old kid, I didn't know how to taste and thus, even though it was tasteless I said it was good. HAHA, don't worry that was almost 20 years ago, it's a totally different story now.

Hmm ... let's go to 2004. It was the worst case in my 21 years of life. I was 20, okay probably still 19+ but then ... It was the peak of durian season and I ate durians as if there's no tomorrow. I ate durians every few days once. Not sure how many, perhaps two? I don't know and being a hero I did not drink water. FINALLY ... something happened. I went to college the next day, I felt itchy all over, especially my hands. Nobody could see obviously because it's covered under my jacket. That was freaky, I was scratching and scratching and scratching. I could not stand it any longer, I went to Tung Shin and got a jab. Ouchhhhhh!!! :p At the butt!!

It was my dad the week before, then it was me. Aiii ... don't know to laugh or to cry. Ok Sakai Dolphania, don't laugh -_-

But still ... I love durians HAHA :p

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ouchhhh!!!! Sakitnyaaaa ... This is ... PAIN IN THE ARSE :p

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Restoran Daun Pisang [Banana Leaf Restaurant]

Location: Restoran Daun Pisang [located in Bandar Menjalara and Taman Bukit Maluri, both in Kepong]

It's an Indian Restaurant serve normal food like what can you find from an Indian Restaurant. Ambience normal acceptable, food normal as well, not bad for my taste bud.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is mine ... tosai. Hehe ...
Image hosting by Photobucket
This is ... ROti Canai looks very normal tho but my cuz love it

Libra Woman


Libra woman mostly has an egg oval facial shape. [hmm... dunno, but my face aint round] She has a nice smooth skin
and a good figure. [I dont have a bad skin, but doesnt mean it's good either] She will spent so much efforts to keep her skin clean and
pretty. [hmm i dont spend time to clean my skin, i rather sleep] She can be easily allergy to cosmetic and make up, but taken care of
her face and avoid wrinkle is her hobby. [im an allergic freak to facial products] She is good at it and tend to look
younger than her age.[i have no comment]

She can be very naughty like a little boy, but yet fully 100% woman. [no idea] She
looks nice in either Jean or night gown. [I always wear jeans]She thinks woman is equal to man. [obviously]
Sometimes she can think faster than you, but she will not leave you far
behind. She will try not to make you feel like you are competed or defeated
in any games she plays with you even she is winning.

She is a little flirt even she has no idea what she wants. [hmm quite true sometimes i do not know what i want] She can not
decide what to do, and what not to do, so she can not set her schedule very
well in all cases. [this is just so true]

She is gifted with how to dress, and how to match her dress. She likes to
dress in black and wear perfume. [am I gifted on how I dress? Well, I just look normal and I do mix & match but all are just normal, nothng to shout about. But yes I do love black and perfume] She likes a mild flowery scent.

In any argument, she can really argue. She can argue for hours, and mostly
win the argument. [r u sure?] If it is not a serious argument, she could argue and once
a while give you a smile also. [no idea] She will make a good politician, because she
can tell which party will win the election. [ahh ... i wish]

She always has a good reasons ,even she likes to contradict herself. She can
not decide what is right and wrong for her, because everything has a good
side and a bad side. [LOL ... uh-huh] Woman in other Zodiac might not care what other people
think, but Libra woman care what other people ,or what you feel as much as
her own feeling. [well, for some cases I guess?]

She can adjust to her environment very well, so at work she will be at the
ladder up. She likes team work in doing things. If you ask her for help or
advice, she will help you except if she does not like your guts. [i mean like .. d'uh] She can
change you and make you think you change by yourself without her influence. [dont think so]

Good side of being with Libra woman are she never interfere with your
privacy. She will not make you loose face in front of your friends. Even she
cares about how much money she has left his her bank account, she will never
forget to let you know how much she cares for you.

She think taken care of the house is a woman job and she can do it well. But
if you expect a Libra woman to fear you, then you are wrong. [hehe] She is a strong
woman even she looks at you with that sweet innocent pairs of baby's looks
and may loose you (let you win) in a few poker games. [i dont have a baby look haha]

If she is the one you are after, then go step by step. The best way is using
her friends introducing you to her. [kind of true] Do not make her feel or treat her like a
bubble head. You have to move forward toward her with confident and secure. [oh yes]
Show her that you are a kind , polite and a real gentleman. [Agree] Be a slow hand
or else you might get smack! [HAHAH]

Monday, January 23, 2006

Is this my Sunday?

Image hosting by Photobucket
April went to the vet as she's always scratching her ears and followed by ... some .... *ee ee hmm ee hmmm* - you know those dog sound when they are in pain or when they want something but could not get it haha ...
She went up the car and down .. but stopped in front of the vet. She knows it's the vet so she refused to move, her butt was glued to the ground haha. My dad had to carry her up and surprisingly she listened to the vet and be good tho she made noise hahha ... she's better now but she needs to put medicine at her ear, clean up for her and again, she will make noise ...
Haha ... I really feel like she's just like a human, dunno why

Image hosting by Photobucket
I went to Jaya Jusco with this cousin of mine, her sister and my dad.
Hmm ... while I was walking my dad was pushing the trolley with these 2 fellas inside. OMG ... subconsciously I touched the trolley and to my horror I got an electric shock. Goodness! It was quite bad and I did not feel this way since KLIA in Feb last year. Arrrgh! Okay I do feel this once in awhile but it was not as bad as this. Later, I saw my dad still pushing my cuzzies so nicely without feeling anything. So weird -_-
Kaboom kena electric shock ....tzzzzz ... tzzzzzz..... rambut pun naik ... like dragonball later ... haha sorry exaggerating too much :p

Pathethic oh pathetic

One guy whom I have no idea of, added me in YM. Obviously, when he got online, I was just curious to find out who is he and how he got my contact. Hmmph ... seems like he got it from MYB. That is hmmph ... interesting.

Me: Hi
He: Hello
Me: How did you get my contact from?
Me: What's your nick?
He: *censored*
Me: Alright why did you add me?
He: To chat lah ... I find a new friend hehe
Me: Hmmph? Are we friends? You are a stranger to me ... I dont even know you
He: We chat so we be friends loh. Where you stay?
Me: In KL
He: Ooh me too hehe, which part of KL?
Me: Somewhere in Kepong
He: Which part of Kepong?
Me: Err ... somewhere
He: Me too? Izzit near Jusco there?
Me: Do I even need to give you my add?
He: Can also .. you dare meh hehe
Me: Ok you dont get it :s
He: Do you have a bf?
Me: Erm ... why?
He: Just wanna know bout you loh
Me: Ooh yeah?
He: Yes
Me: Errr ...
He: Dont worry even if you have a bf I still willing to be friends with you
Me: Ooh, but it still does not make a difference even I have or I dont, right?
He: So do you have?
Me: I think this is kind of personal because I dont even know who are you and we chatted like less than 5 mins
He: Oo I see, how many ex do you have?
Me: OMG, why are you asking this kind of questions? I mean like .. I only tell this to people whom I call as friends and I have no idea who are you. So why are you asking when I don't even feel comfy telling all these to a total stranger
He: It's ok lah, never mind lah, it's your business I also dont wanna know with your P&C so problem
Me: Of course it's my business, don't tell me it's yours -_- I dont feel comfy talking to a total stranger about private matters and who are you to me in the first place? I mean like ... helllo? I dont simply reveal everything and anything.
He: Haih .. people want casual chat you type so long. It's ok lah if you dont want to chat. I just want to let to know when people ask something you answer dont need to type so long
Me [after fed-up]: OK

[He got deleted from my contact]

What the hell does he want? :s
Hello? Who are you to me? I don't freaking know anything about you and you want me to reveal so many things about myself? Are you sick or something? It's considered damn good that I told you roughly where I live. Buntut lu ... you thought you are damn smart yea? I just want to tell you ... smart my ARSE! If you want to buaya people, I am not the person you are looking for, too bad you fail. I'm actually quite glad that you talk to me so that I know who to eye on ... see what are you up to and things like that. For goodness sake, see yourself in the mirror before saying anything. You said that you WANT a CASUAL chat but do you think yours are casual? You are pestering me to answer that questions which I consider that as a VERY personal question. C'mon, I was talking to you NOT even 5 minutes and OK YOU ARE WEIRD! Maybe a potential pervert? A weirdo? A sicko? WHatever it is ... you are DAMN FREAKING lame! And sorry, I am NOT that shallow alright. You chose the wrong person, oh man I feel for you.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

15-minutes rule?

I was chatting with a guy I know through Multiply yesterday and we were talking about LATENESS as he had read the issues about LATE. It is not that I want to bring this issue up, but he has his points, a good one actually. Yes BigWind, I am talking about you. :)

This is nothing to do with anyone, someone nor somebody whatsoever. Apparently, he has a 15-minutes rule, which means he will only wait for 15 minutes. More than that, he will leave that scene. Same goes to the other party, if he does not turn up in 15 minutes or so, then the other party will proceed to do his or her own things.

Well, I must say that it is very smart of him, as by doing that, he would not feel stupid or dumb just by waiting for people for hours and hours. Probably, I should learn from him yea? Hehe ... :) So ... if that person is late, and I am not there, then it's not my fault anymore even if I am not there hehe ... But, for me to go to PJ, I need to pay 2 bucks ... ewww that's the worst part.

Thank you for sharing. Maybe I will implement this in my lifestyle, apply to those applicable. Well, we will see.


Location: Sri Sinar, Kepong

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is pork ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Vege ...

Reviews: Both not edible, not worth going ... it is highly NOT NOT NOT recommended to go there. Don't ask for trouble by eating there ok. Waste money -_-

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Breakie ...

Breakie time babeh ... more pics ....

Location: Kepong Baru [coffee shop]

Image hosting by Photobucket
My dad had this Chee Cheong Fun curry flavour ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
While this is mine .. Chee Cheong Fun Original flavour

After I reached back ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Notti April ...

And ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Fatteiiiiii Toby ...

Sampating around

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sorry sampating around with Paint ... and testing ma clothes ... :p

It's gone? I can't believe it

I consider that dancing is already part of me, no matter where am I, what I do, who am I with it does not matter. Most importantly, I continue to love dancing and this passion of mine have never faded, never did, never will. I have gained a lot through dancing, and it cannot be explained in words. Those experience can never be gained with money. It's too precious and I do appreciate those moment that I had from the age of 16+ til today. Without dancing, I do not know where am I now. No matter what, I will attend classes, be it I'm sick, exams, assignments, meetings or no transport. I will get my way to dance class. But I guess that would not be possible any longer.

Today, is the worst moment that I have in my 21 years of life. It's the most tragic news that I heard in the past 21 years. I asked Natalie via SMS ... what happened to the dance class. Do you know what did she tell me? She said that the dance studio is going to close after CNY! Do you know how depress was I when I heard that tragic news? I was too shock to say anything. Prolly I'm exaggerating, but the thoughts of it is really depressing. I do not know where can I rely on for dance anymore. What I'm very unhappy about is why didn't she inform me that there's Jazz class every Monday. It's going on without my knowledge. Well, I'm aware that there's going to be a Jazz class but she did not inform me when is it going to start. I told her to call me. She can even ask me why didn't I go for class. What is this, MAN!!

I can tell you that dancing is like a pill to me, I am addicted to dance. This news have really hit me on my face. Even until now [a few hours after that news was broken to me], I still could not believe my eyes that it is going to close down. WHY???? Tell me .. WHYYY???? How am I going to survive? Okay, I have not been going to class for the past few months, maybe you will think that it is not going to do any difference even though I do not go now as I have survived for the past few months. The feeling is different when you know that there's no class I can go to in the future. In the past few months, I felt something is missing, something that I want but I can't do is kinda torturing and believe me, when I said it is torturing, I mean it as torturing. I do not know where can I go to? I am so down, so low. This is one of the hardest moment that I have to face. I hope that I will find a good studio in the future, and not those unreliable studios that do not have good instructors. I'm missing Jane, Cutiepie, Hottiepie!!! Boooohooooo!!!!! I miss those times, those moment!! I want ... but the fact is I can't have it anymore. It's very saddening.

Although these pics are not my class and I googled them, but these pics remind me of those "moments"

Image hosting by Photobucket
A really nice pic ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
It would be nice if I have the opportunity to dance like them in the future

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is typical me ... the Hip-Hop style ... I learn Freestyle Funk changed to Hip-Hop .. but now ... aiii ... so sad

It's a sad sad day in a sad sad world

Mamak-ing Around

We went to mamak today, Kayu. Well, there was the intention of having Sammie's homecoming there but I didn't know where is it then. It's only when Snail told me that this place existed but he didn't know to explain to me about the direction of it. It's only when I pased there the other day with Sammie then I knew about it. Of course, we didn't have Sammie's Homecoming there because it is too pricey. The environment there is not nice either because it's too noisy and it's too distracting as too many people are walking up and down. This is what I call as a high class mamak with air-cond and with LCDs. I am not a high-class person, so I will still choose Murni HAHA.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Roti Canai ... I don't like it there, the taste is weird ... and the kuah is ... one kind

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No comment as I ate it after it has been served quite long. Obviously air went in already

Later on, we went over to Banana Leaf in Centre Point. As expected, it was crowded. Therefore, we sat inside. The ambience was not nice as it is too heaty and don't feel good. According to Nyakk, it's not hygiene either as sometimes, you can find some nyamuk and flies inside your drink. That's so bad!

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This is just Teh Ais and Teh O Ais Limau ... normal la...

Friday, January 20, 2006


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Nasi lemak biasa satu ... hehe in Murni

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This is Ais Kacang in Pelita

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OMG!!! Maggharita in Pizza Uno!!!! Wualamak ....

Butter Kaya and Jam

Whoaaa ... after so long that I have not been to a bad jam, I really suffered a whole lot today or was it yesterday? I was on my way back from SS2 to Kepong at 6 something in the evening. I was caught in that ridiculous traffic. Cars could hardly move and what worsened it was .. one car broke down in the middle of the road and the tow truck was in front of it. Both were not moving and as a result all the other cars had to suffer from it.

Wow .. after that, I was at first mentally tired already and it went to physically tired. Thus, I slept from 7 something in the evening to 1 something in the morning ... WELL ... I skipped my dinner but took supper instead. Ahhh~~ I need a cold drink now. Anyone please????

Royale Bintang

Today, FINALLY ... I have decided to go over to Royale Bintang to ask for vacancy. Well, since that I intend and desire of wanting to further, then I have to work, at least for a couple of months. Regarding that education part, I have not talked to anyone yet. I hope it will come true, that's it. So ... before saying anything, I have to at least be good and start working and earn a little bit of pocket money first, don't you think so? Hehe ...

As I went to HR ... I saw a guy and I am quite sure that he's a DPC student in KDU. If I am not mistaken, he is from Dip 7 as well, but I do not know his name. Oftenly, see him in Cafe 87 back in our semester 4. Location wise ... Royale Bintang is the perfect place to work, very nearby.

There are vacancies for F&B - waiters and waitresses, Junior Secretary for Housekeeping and in Finance Department. Haha FInance, I call that the stress group hehe ...

Oh well, just hope that I'll get it.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Angguk Angguk Geleng Geleng

Angguk-angguk geleng-geleng

Angguk-angguk geleng-geleng tunduktunduk
ikut tunjuk
Iya iya saya saya kiri kanan ikut saja
Kita tunduk pabila diketuk biarkan
terhantuk tak usah dipujuk
Relakan dipatuk ingat pesan atuk
Sabar sabar sabar sabar!

Tak apa tak kisah tak rugi tak mati tak
ambil peduli
Berserah dan pasrah biar dada
didabik adat pasang turun naik
Didera dijajah terus kita dipenjara
Jadi hamba jadi kuli jadi batu diam
Kita tunggu kita lihat kita nanti kita
Jangan merungut biar bertangguh diam
akur mesti patuh

Acuh tak acuh endah tak endah buat
lawak bodoh selamba
Biar kita melopong biar kita menganga
biar mereka buat apa mereka suka
Jangan melawan jangan membantah
janganlah degil kena ikut perintah
Kena banyak diam biar apa orang
kata kita tawa dalam duka
Kecut takut kalut kolot terkunci mulut
terkatup tertutup
Kalah sabung menang sorak senduk
nasi tinggal kerak

Dik mari dik... ye kak... nama adik
siapa? ... Mia
Adik tahu nyanyi tak?... Tahu... Ah
mari ikut kakak nyanyi sama-sama...

Tolak tambah kali ganda hitung kira
skala nisbah
Maju mundur tinggi rendah berapa
jumlah nilai bangsa

(Kak sekupang ke, dua kupang ke,
tiga kupang?)

Sawah sebendang
ladang sebidang
tanah sekangkang
pohon sebatang
Kerana wang semua
hilang hanya sehelai sepinggang
Yang jenin yang lebai
yang pandir yang luncai
Yang angannya tinggi
yang dibuai mimpi
yang sawah terjual maruah tergadai

HAHAHHA ... damn funny sial. The first time I heard was live performance during New Year's Eve in front of The Curve with Nyakk and Darren. HAHA ... Sooooo funny.
Today, I heard again ... over the radio ... read the lyrics and listen to the song, you will laugh non stop AHAHHAHA ... both of us laughed until stomach ache. Luckily, we reached the destination already if not I have to stop my car at one side to laugh HAHAHHAH.

Hello ...

Harlow, good morning.

This is my new blog, spend whole night setting up this blog. Before this I was erm ... blogging in Multiply.

Well, there are pros and cons and ... actually Multiply is not bad. It's just that .. sometimes when you blog your entry just go missing and it can be really frustrating especially when you blog a really long entry. Besides that, the page loads very slow. However, it's not all bad. I love it when you can see which Multiply users view your blog. Moreover, you can upload your pictures. Oh well, that's life, you can't have everything you want, you just need to sacrifice something at one point or the other. I have got complaints from a few of my friends when they view my previous blog. So, here I am in a brand spanking new year in a totally different blog.

Hope I will like it here.

Ooh btw, anyone can view at my previous blog if you click on the title itself ..