Monday, January 23, 2006

Pathethic oh pathetic

One guy whom I have no idea of, added me in YM. Obviously, when he got online, I was just curious to find out who is he and how he got my contact. Hmmph ... seems like he got it from MYB. That is hmmph ... interesting.

Me: Hi
He: Hello
Me: How did you get my contact from?
Me: What's your nick?
He: *censored*
Me: Alright why did you add me?
He: To chat lah ... I find a new friend hehe
Me: Hmmph? Are we friends? You are a stranger to me ... I dont even know you
He: We chat so we be friends loh. Where you stay?
Me: In KL
He: Ooh me too hehe, which part of KL?
Me: Somewhere in Kepong
He: Which part of Kepong?
Me: Err ... somewhere
He: Me too? Izzit near Jusco there?
Me: Do I even need to give you my add?
He: Can also .. you dare meh hehe
Me: Ok you dont get it :s
He: Do you have a bf?
Me: Erm ... why?
He: Just wanna know bout you loh
Me: Ooh yeah?
He: Yes
Me: Errr ...
He: Dont worry even if you have a bf I still willing to be friends with you
Me: Ooh, but it still does not make a difference even I have or I dont, right?
He: So do you have?
Me: I think this is kind of personal because I dont even know who are you and we chatted like less than 5 mins
He: Oo I see, how many ex do you have?
Me: OMG, why are you asking this kind of questions? I mean like .. I only tell this to people whom I call as friends and I have no idea who are you. So why are you asking when I don't even feel comfy telling all these to a total stranger
He: It's ok lah, never mind lah, it's your business I also dont wanna know with your P&C so problem
Me: Of course it's my business, don't tell me it's yours -_- I dont feel comfy talking to a total stranger about private matters and who are you to me in the first place? I mean like ... helllo? I dont simply reveal everything and anything.
He: Haih .. people want casual chat you type so long. It's ok lah if you dont want to chat. I just want to let to know when people ask something you answer dont need to type so long
Me [after fed-up]: OK

[He got deleted from my contact]

What the hell does he want? :s
Hello? Who are you to me? I don't freaking know anything about you and you want me to reveal so many things about myself? Are you sick or something? It's considered damn good that I told you roughly where I live. Buntut lu ... you thought you are damn smart yea? I just want to tell you ... smart my ARSE! If you want to buaya people, I am not the person you are looking for, too bad you fail. I'm actually quite glad that you talk to me so that I know who to eye on ... see what are you up to and things like that. For goodness sake, see yourself in the mirror before saying anything. You said that you WANT a CASUAL chat but do you think yours are casual? You are pestering me to answer that questions which I consider that as a VERY personal question. C'mon, I was talking to you NOT even 5 minutes and OK YOU ARE WEIRD! Maybe a potential pervert? A weirdo? A sicko? WHatever it is ... you are DAMN FREAKING lame! And sorry, I am NOT that shallow alright. You chose the wrong person, oh man I feel for you.


Onii said...

Name and Shame imouto!! name and shame!!

Nyokk said...

Hahahahha he is damn lame ... shame on him :p

ahk3n said...

WTF is he ?
tell me, he's gonna be blacklisted i tell you

kyliemc said...

lame lame lame..haha..which was y i took down my msn I/D last time..hehe..after tht mc d dessert biz...