Monday, February 6, 2006

It's the 8th Day of CNY

Today is the eight day of Chinese New Year and so, this is the biggest day for the Hokkiens. Infact it's even bigger than the first day of CHinese New Year itself.

And soon ... it will be Chap Goh Meh which means the 15th Nite of CNY, also resembles the last day of CNY. I witnessed the fireworks for more than half an hour earlier and it was just marvellous. It was really nice, wish that people would lit up for me haha. Yeah, I am dreaming :p

So far, I have yet to see any Lion Dance around. Hmm, not that I have the opportunity with my screwed-up time zone hehe. Time to sleep I'm awake, time to to be awake, I sleep. I used to wake up at 6 something in the morning every first day of CNY to see the Lion Dance before I shifted. Hmm, that's the only time I can wake up haha ... but not anymore, those were the days.

However, those festivals mood that I had before are now all gone. I don't even feel it's CNY now.
Hmm ... but I feel more into Xmas mood now compared to before. Hmm ... weird ...

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