Sunday, February 26, 2006


Being judgemental is NEVER good. It's really sad to know that so many people in this whole wide world are being so judgemental over others when they don't even know them, simply because of how they look either because of their background, or just because of what others have said about them.

If you do not know them, then don't simply have bad thoughts about them. Those who have bad-mouthed bout others are nothing but idiots, but those who actually believed those idiots are more than idiots.

It's like ... you don't know me, or you don't really know me but you think that I'm a bad person, you think that I'm evil just because of what others have told you. Believe that person or me is up to you. I don't need to give any explanation to prove that I'm a good person. As long as I know is good enough. I don't freaking care what you want to think about me. I just do what I wanna do, I just be what I wanna be. I actually now have second thoughts of that person now after so many things have happened. Worst come to worst, I will just vanish. True, I will be the one who surrender, but who cares? I dont need to win, if I'm happy doing that, don't you think I should proceed? Somehow one day, that person's true color will reveal by herself or himself. The truth will be out. For whatever she or he had said will just prove otherwise. Dont worry be happy.

Why are these people being so judgemental? Is it fun? Is it nice to be one? Personally, I DONT think so. This world is becoming more and more pathetic. In the other hand, sometimes we can't help being judgemental e.g. how that person portray themselves erm wait a minute, that's not really being judgemental. You should know who to believe or who not to believe. One person bad-mouthed another person is not always that the victim is bad, but there must be something behind it. Maybe that person just doesnt like the other person. Again ... there must be reason behind it. Possibly jealousy, or satisfaction when others think bad about this person.

To come to think of it, I just realize that the longer I live, the more that I dont understand people hahaha.

Conclusion: Being judgemental is never good, never was, never is, never will be. Ok class end.


Porkie said...

imouto ah.. but what if this other person has themselves written things which gives you an idea of how they are.. would it then be ok to judge? because in addition to hearing things about this person, he wrote stuff which is not naish to read 1.. me think you know which smelly fellow i'm refering to :oP

Nyokk said...

onii, sometimes we cant help it but to judge mar so it's absolutely normal. And that guy is portraying what kind of person he is through his own writing. Then .. should be ok :D hehe and yesh yesh I know which smelly fella hehe

Porkie said...

ekekeke...good good.. so judgement is right and fair on this smelly fella :oD

Nyokk said...

hahahah he asked for it :p