Thursday, February 9, 2006

What a relief

OMG, what a torture I had yesterday. I could not view Blogspot at all. I didn't really know what happened but seems that I only get that error whenever I visited Blogspot. Basically, I couldn't read any blogs because most of them blog in Blogspot. It's kind of weird because I was able to view LiveJournal, Xanga, own domain, anything except for Blogspot.

What's weirder was I could sign in to Blogger, I could blog, just that I couldn't view. What a torture!

I was so afraid something might happen to AceBob again, as every single person could view except me.

Thank you Titus :)

Now, it's working all good and well, hope that it would not happen again. Phew~~ I'm so glad and relief now. For now, I can sit back and relax, and don't need to wonder and think what had happened.

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