Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Where is the Language Centre?

Yoohoo ... the weather is so freaking hot. Melted! Melted! Melted!

Atria has changed a lot for the past 10 years. I remembered that it was okay back then as I used to go there for lunch at Aunt Anna's place, my dad's client. There were quite a number of people who patroned that place back then. I went there few years ago [during my college days], and oh man, yes it was quite dead but at least there are still shops around. I went today just to check out the language house there but could not find. Once I entered from the back [supermarket], what I saw was just empty spaces. They used to have all the small shops opposite the supermarket but it's empty. Man ... they are really going to close down soon.

As I was saying, went to Atria just to check out the Language House but ... I couldn't find it. Since Uptown is on my way back, I went rounding there as well and I found one centre which is called ICLS [Inter-Cultural Language School]. They offer French, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. I do not know to take up French or German.

5 weeks
twice per week
2 hours per lesson
C/Date: 24th Feb
Text Book: RM25
Reg: RM30

BUT ...
heard that there's one huge Language Centre located in Damansara but I have no idea where. Anyone knows about it, please enlighten me.

Thank you :)

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