Wednesday, March 8, 2006

PART III : Gunung Nuang Trip

*continue from PART II*

After I slept, I woke up around 11 something when everyone was about to go to bed. What a perfect timing to wake up heh? Oh my ... what should I do then when everyone is asleep. Nevermind, I'll just sit there and be the gatekeeper and look at the stars since back in KL I can never do this.

Oops then it was total darkness as everyone's in bed, except ex-papa but then hey, I saw two fellas walking towards us. It was Kylie and Kerry and they could not sleep haha. Few minutes later followed by Carmen. And later ... Gong Gong and I-Lulu as well. All came out for the same reason, they couldnt sleep hehe.

Ex-papa saw the place at my hand where the bee stung. By then, Carmen, I-Lulu and Gong Gong had already gone to bed. Kylie came out with a sewing kit needle. Ex-papa used that to try to break my skin. Unfortunately, no matter how he tried to break it, my skin couldnt. The needle was left hanging there on my skin, as though it's some piercing. Gong Gong came out with his First Aid and my skin finally broke and I saw blood. The whatever you called that was taken out from the skin. I absolutely felt pain, but then I just have to stand. Gong Gong put Handyplast on it and hopefully will be okay.

Dr Kuah in action hehe ... later on Kylie and Kerry went to bed and Gong Gong came out once again to cook and so did I-Lulu. They went to bed and we were left seeing the stars at the sky and I was feeling so damn freaking cold. Mama came out with her video cam, wish me luck. I went to bed only at 4am.

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Pali Pali with her sms non stop ... adoi

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The fire is dying

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Carmen and Yvonne

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I shone my face with the torchlight hehe so my face looks damn retard

Sorry I did not take any pix of that little surgery hahah

Stay tune ...


Zoe said...

wei ar! the last pic scared me la.. =.="

Nyokk said...

hahahaa .. ya meh :p torch lights only ne hehe :D *pat Zoe*

Zam Zam said...

Aiyyoooo... not suppose to do like that in jungle ler... :P

nanti hantu datang ngorat u baru tau.. hahaha

Nyokk said...

hie hantu ;) hehe then ask kylie to see hehe :p

Zam Zam said...

does this mean elle become beegirl.. lebahgirl..? like peter parker kena sting by spider jadi spiderman... move like a butterfly.. sting like a bee... elle can stick to walls yet? :P

tIcKLeMe said...

lol. terperanjat man when i saw the torch light pix.

this kerry sms 24/7, can charge battery ke?

Nyokk said...

zam, sepak kang

tkj, hehe :p ya ler kerry arrr super terror 1 ... adoi

wkhai said...

kerry was trying to make contact with UFOs all night with her handphone :P she was waving the phone around trying to catch their attention hahaha

Nyokk said...

Kerry oh kerry ... laling laling haha

kyliemc said...

hahha...michy was too free arr?ish..scared ppl 2 death wif d last pic...aiseh....haha..u n ur star-gazing society

Nyokk said...

hahahahha aiseh not sked le just a pic :p ur also in the star-gazing society :p

DIGICR0X said...

For once your face REALLY look like Sadako ... WITHOUT touch-up,haha!

Nyokk said...

ahahahah torch light and hand shook :p