Friday, December 15, 2006

Bomb threat

We went back in, we continued sleeping on the floor and my gawd, so many bloody irritating flies disturbing my already-pathetic-sleep. The floor was already cold and these flies have to disturb us -_-

Waiting to check-in to EasyJet ..flying back to Geneve

Then I experimented a pose on him

He went to ask Jojo to pose the same then :S

Nothing nice with the poster but I dont know why :S

This time with a different background

Who knows that not long after we were in the airport, we got kicked out once again. Yeah, every single person were ordered to be out of the airport. We dont know what happened, but we just followed. Later only then we found out that there were bomb threats. Oh my god, what kind of departure is this :S very memorable one indeed.

Pen alai? What happened? Apa udah terjadi? Everyone's blur and curious

and that they felt very lost

This guy is so cool yo ... gaya sial ... [stylish]

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