Saturday, December 2, 2006


I have a confession ...

I am seriously rotting in my room ... all alone, many have left to dont know where. Jojo still in Thailand, Ah Boi has gone to Manchester, Winnie is in London, Galih in Geneve, my roomie in Birmingham ... all around except IMI !!!

Those I wanna see are not here, those that I dont want [okie not that I dont want but more like it doesnt matter whether I see or not] are here. haha. I called Noble House who knows they only want male interns -_- dammit ... and yah .. I have called Mr Gumy too. I'm gonna send my CV to him really soon, hope that he accepts. If he does, then I am all free, no need to worry so much. I thought of going on Sunday to the place. Unfortuately, he is not going to be there. Boohooo!

So, anyway since I am rotting might as well post some pics .. misc pics .. enjoy~ and please dont kill me thank you.

and ..

dont kill me pls pls pls *pray hard*

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