Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Learning Languages

Let's learn other languages today haha ..

Thai Language - Sa wa dee kra

French Language - Salut

French - but they speak pretty fast :S slow down dei .. langsam ... langsam ..

French - Food

A bit of update from Christmas:
We went up on 23rd of December, it was already nite that time because we purposely took after 7 train coz it's gratis [free] as all of us have Gleis 7 karte. Reached there around 11 plus, and the last bus up had gone long before us. So, we have no choice, we walked up for half an hour .. my gawd .. though it snows ... and it was supposed to be freezing cold, but it was hot for us, as we walked uphill for half an hour haha .. good exercise :p then at nite, who knows ... I woke up 5 donkey times to throw up and it was already christmas eve .. dammmittt -_- ahh but anyway .. doesnt matter. The aftermath only came yesterday so that's fine. Christmas Eve itself we went for sightseeing and we had Chinois Fondue at nite. :D haha .. yeay! Next day, checked out ... and here I am now .. bye bye :p as I have mentioned, no pics .. until I can get online with my pc if not, that's it


Anonymous said...

wah.. youtube really what shit also got... thanks for the vids... very cool.

Nyokk said...

hahaha they really have lotsa stuff ... these days i am free to find stuff like that but starting next week dont think can do that so often anymore haha