Monday, December 11, 2006

Rome II

We are still in Rome and this is the place we are flying off from. After Vatican City, we went to this place I forgot what is it called, Pentagon? Along the way, there were so many shops ... and of course we stop by here and there. Thus, delayed our time. Anyway, nothing much to see already. There's actually one place we wanted to go but the queue was extremely long and I dont know how long will it take for us to get it. Therefore, let's just forget about that place. Additionally, it is not somewhere we MUST go, it's optional.

Yeah we stopped by for ice cream again and my gawd ... so damn niceee. Ice-cream freak

Nothing to see, just some architechture and the pillars and some other stuff that's all

While others were resting ;)

The pillar ...

Look at this properly, if cannot click on this picture it will enlarge if you dont know about this. See the arrow and follow it. Hehe ...air liur meleleh [drool]... see that? see that?

Right after this, it was already evening prolly 6 ... and so .. we went for dinner


Daniel said...

did you throw the coin behind you at the fountain? supposedly its to help u find a husband...haha!

Nyokk said...

hahaha really? didnt know that ... so i didnt :p