Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today or tomorrow

If you see me blogging tonight, that means either I have internet or I am still at school. But, if you dont see me blogging by tonight or tomorrow, that means I have left the school as I am not sure if I am leaving today or tomorrow to Malters and will then proceed to Geneve on the 1st of January. See you.

I will be moving out TODAY, HEUTE. But, I dont know if I am checking out today, so much stuff, so many bags, so many luggages. I dont know what to do with one box here ... my German notes is inside and NO, CANNOT THROW! Almost done but not all yet. I dont have to check out today if I dont want to because I have paid for today. My godddd ... But ... there's no internet there for now, Goh is on the way applying it now. Umm ... so erm .. yah. Dont know when, next couple of days should be able to get it.

Plus, I have sealed the contract. I signed it and yes, it's confirmed that I'll be working in Cafe du Centre in Geneve. Galih, see you there in January. Now, only left the apartment problem. And that's it, everything is settled. My Xmas present.


tIcKLeMe said...

aiks sp, good luck!!! hope everything goes smoothly! :D

Nyokk said...

danke shon, sp :D hope can get internet haha