Friday, December 29, 2006


This is so weird. I cant seem to upload any pics even if I have them in this pc. So, if I really wanna upload any pics from this pc, I guess my last resort would be uploading it in photobucket, and .. I hate that.

These few days have been ... erm I dont know. Since we came back, I did not step out. Well, not to say that there are places to go, but ... it's just bad. At least in IMI, I step out of my room, I walk to main dining hall and just walk around in school blindly. At least, I do walk around. But here ... oh my ... walk? to where :S Not to say that the temperature here is nice. The temperature in Luzern is -2 currently, so here should be colder as it's up at a hill. So basically all I do is just sit sleep wake up online sleep watch youtube, watch gokusen and it just rotates.

Here, I found this pic from Goh's pc ... haha
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I guess this will be the last pic from the grad ... no more I think :o

while for this, sneak preview on my trip to davos, where I spend my Christmas this year throwing up celebrating

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That's all from me ... for now. Hope.

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