Friday, December 8, 2006

Venice I

Venue: Venice

After our Milan trip and after that incident occured, everyone were very cautious of their personal belongings already. Extra cautious in a matter of fact. We headed to Venice with train. I dunno how long because each time we get on the train, I sleep. Not only me of course but all of us. Finally, we reached Venice and oh my ... that statue is so nice!! Especially nite time, the scenery was just fab!

Cantik tak? [Is it nice?]

Chik Chak ...

This pic was taken right after our dinner ... yah after starving ... :p

Though there are so many other beds in the whole place, but I dunno why somehow we wanted to squeeze into 1 bed ... aircondddd!!! :P but with only one bathroom, which means we have to take turn and that .... omg ... killer :s


This is how it looks like in the morning ... or rather day time ... it's the same place I took ... in similarity with the 1st pic

No, we did not plan it .. it just so happened that we wore black that day

We ordered our lunch already ... but we came here to take pics before going back for lunch .. hehe

That's all ... part 2 coming up :D

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