Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sucky attitude

I know that I did say that being judgemental is never good, but at certain times, you just can't help it but to judge. Hehe contradicting I know, well ... that's me.

I don't usually hate people for no reason. Okay I know that sometimes people did not do anything to me, but then still I couldn't help it when their personality sucks with screwed-up attitude. This stupid shallow girl I know is such an attention seeker. I don't care if she is just another attention seeker, but fact is she is trying too hard and in desperate need for compliments. There was once that she posted a pic, and well ... this other girl I would admit that has a hot bod, and so everyone complimented the other girl instead of this idiota. Thus, I guess she was plain jealous and started backstabbing and bitching about that other girl, which I think is so ... offensive. No matter what, it's a public place and her face is shown to the public. It's not appropriate to say anything bad about her. Maybe she's not like that, just that this stupid girl is jealous. She just think that she is the best, the prettiest, the most gorgeous and the hottest babe in town. You what? HOT? *puke* somebody is just fishing for compliments. That's ... SAD!

I still remember very clearly that she insulted tall girls, reason because she's a shorty. I mean, I dont care if she's tall or short, but please dont insult tall girls. Hell man ... I know you want to feel better, but I dont think it's right to insult taller girls. Cehhh ... tall girls are nice, elegant and gorgeous. Jealousy strikes again. Not to forget that she insulted few other girls. One for their bf who looks a bit lala, but is it her business? Mind her own business. The other girl was just asking for advise on how to dress better, and she insulted her. WHat the heck~! Who the hell she thinks she is??

I'm very sure that she doesn't like me, but I dont freaking care. She's not someone important in my life. She's not a friend, not even someone I want to get to know. I dont like her too. Btw, just want to say this ... distasteful. Learn to respect others and be considerate.

I despise her to the max.

Happy Birthday Potato Kylie, stay sweet, cute and innocent tho I dont like it -_- *peace* hehe dont collect so many titles already, enough ok. Be happy happy, pretty pretty, dont potato so much.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A norm?

Is telling people that you have a bf or bfs (yes, plural) even though you don't, is considered a norm now? I mean, this is ridiculous if you ask me.

Heck, if you dont have then just tell that you dont. Geez, these people, are they out of their mind?

Ooh ... I think many of them can be drama queens, compete with each other in Grammy Awards, see people believe which of them the most. Puh-leeezzzz ...

Is it really that nice? I wonder ... I'm normal, so I don't know what are they thinking about. Or probably they think that it's "cool" to have an imaginary boyfriend or rather a guy they know. In a matter of fact, they have not been together at all. But ... these girls just tell people as though they are THAT close to each other when they DONT even know that guy well. Maybe it's just some ... classmates' friend's brother's girlfriend's friend and they go telling everyone that is their bf. That's sad, isn't it?

Oh my ... maybe that's a whole lot of new generation. I feel left behind HAHA. Hmm ... I just have to admit that now ... I'm the last generation hahaha because I don't have a fake bf. haha ... Omigod!

Aiyoo people wake up ... it's not cool to tell people that somebody is your bf when they aren't. What's the big deal of not having one? Perhaps, they are just in their own world.

Happy Birthday Zoe, may your dreams come true, be happy, smile always, get prettier and prettier :)

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Being judgemental is NEVER good. It's really sad to know that so many people in this whole wide world are being so judgemental over others when they don't even know them, simply because of how they look either because of their background, or just because of what others have said about them.

If you do not know them, then don't simply have bad thoughts about them. Those who have bad-mouthed bout others are nothing but idiots, but those who actually believed those idiots are more than idiots.

It's like ... you don't know me, or you don't really know me but you think that I'm a bad person, you think that I'm evil just because of what others have told you. Believe that person or me is up to you. I don't need to give any explanation to prove that I'm a good person. As long as I know is good enough. I don't freaking care what you want to think about me. I just do what I wanna do, I just be what I wanna be. I actually now have second thoughts of that person now after so many things have happened. Worst come to worst, I will just vanish. True, I will be the one who surrender, but who cares? I dont need to win, if I'm happy doing that, don't you think I should proceed? Somehow one day, that person's true color will reveal by herself or himself. The truth will be out. For whatever she or he had said will just prove otherwise. Dont worry be happy.

Why are these people being so judgemental? Is it fun? Is it nice to be one? Personally, I DONT think so. This world is becoming more and more pathetic. In the other hand, sometimes we can't help being judgemental e.g. how that person portray themselves erm wait a minute, that's not really being judgemental. You should know who to believe or who not to believe. One person bad-mouthed another person is not always that the victim is bad, but there must be something behind it. Maybe that person just doesnt like the other person. Again ... there must be reason behind it. Possibly jealousy, or satisfaction when others think bad about this person.

To come to think of it, I just realize that the longer I live, the more that I dont understand people hahaha.

Conclusion: Being judgemental is never good, never was, never is, never will be. Ok class end.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Casanova and ... DROOOOOL

I've seen this movie, Casanova the other day after sending Nyakk.

Heath Ledger
Sienna Miller
Jeremy Irons
Oliver Platt
Lena Olin
Charlie Cox
Philip Davis
Stephen Greif
Helen McCrory

Lasse Hallstrom Director
Gary Levinsohn Producer
Alexandre Desplat Composer
Oliver Stapleton Director of Photography

CASONOVA is loosely based on the memoirs of the writer, adventurer, and infamous lover Giacomo Casanova--themselves notably unreliable--and fortunately has no pretensions to historical realism. Instead, it’s a witty, lighthearted romantic comedy, which uses its 18th century setting and renowned hero as a jumping-off point for sexy banter and ruminations on love, lust, and freedom. Directed with visual flair and wit by Lasse Hallström--a master of classy period pieces like CHOCOLAT and CIDER HOUSE RULES--the movie was filmed on location in Venice, and the stunningly gorgeous scenery is almost a character in its own right. Heath Ledger, believable and engaging here in a role that couldn’t be more different from his powerhouse performance in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, turns on all of his considerable charms here. Abandoned by his mother as a child, Casanova has grown into a lascivious yet oddly innocent young man, who pursues pleasure wholeheartedly and mistakes lust for love. His biggest concern is eluding Italy’s puritanical Inquisitors, until he meets Francesca Bruni (Sienna Miller), a beauty who publishes clever pamphlets on women’s rights under a pen name. In the time-honored tradition, Casanova is instantly smitten with the one woman in Venice who doesn’t want anything to do with him.

The plot provides few surprises, but that is beside the point; the pleasures of CASANOVA are in its warm freewheeling tone, its sumptuous visuals, and the cheerful exuberance of its actors. In addition to Ledger’s winning star turn, Lena Olin is her usual mesmerizing self as Francesca’s scheming mother, and the reliably excellent Oliver Platt (as Francesca’s overmatched fiancé) and Jeremy Irons (as the frustrated head Inquisitor) both deliver deft comic performances.

Here are some pictures from the scenes ... let's start drooling..

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

OMG ... I can tell you that throughout the whole movie, I was just drooling at him. OMG!!!! I actually did some research about him. As far as I know, he is a Perth boy hehe. OMG!!!! I just cant stop drooling at him. *drool* air liur meleleh ... nose bleed ... eeeee ooo eeeee oooo ... I have blood AB+ group, in case I suddenly faint.

Friday, February 24, 2006


More pictures to come ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
In San Francisco ... on Wednesday :(

Image hosting by Photobucket
Early in the morning ... 5 something waiting for I-Lulu to come

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sampat punya geisha

Image hosting by Photobucket
Guess who is this ... :o

Image hosting by Photobucket
Our last pic ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Hahaha Ling Ling ... she will be Ms Sampat World 06/07

Image hosting by Photobucket
Quack and Nyakk

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yooo tianggggggggg ....

Image hosting by Photobucket
Outside of KLIA

Then we went to watch Casanova in 1 Utama ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Lulu got this drink but the takos pic came out very blur

Image hosting by Photobucket
This octopus is going to accompany me for another 4 months until Nyakk return

That's all for now hehe ...

Outing ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
TT session on Tuesday night, the last TT session in Murni before Nyakk left :(

Image hosting by Photobucket
In IKEA ... where I met up with TKJ Pai Kia Becky while Nyakk, Quack, Darren and Bobo [Darren's imaginary twin bro] came later hehe

TKJ Becky went shopping in IKEA, jalan jalan and bought some stuff though she didnt get what she wanted and ... finally this is the fun part ... LUNCH TIMEEEEE. Oh btw, Ivy, her friend, went with her mom and sis.

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is what she ate ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
And ... this is mine ... not bad

Image hosting by Photobucket
Boohoooo soooo saddd ... 3 of us ...

When I was going back to Kepong ... oh my jam again ... it wasn't that late yet but still it was JAM

Image hosting by Photobucket
They are digging again ...

BUT ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
glasses on the road so perhaps there's an accident ... yeah there was ... one car was badly damaged at the side of the road further up

Image hosting by Photobucket
oh my ... poor tree ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

FINAL 3 from BBQ ...


Image hosting by Photobucket
Yoohoo ... my @lien and my Nyakk

Image hosting by Photobucket
Haha ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Looks like a group of dancers eh :D

No more group pics only mine ... so that's the end of it :) unless I get more pics from Nyakk but with her present connection, that is not possible.
There's one pic OMG ... nose bleed due to the scandalicious act between Nyakk and Nyukk :)

Random kiddo pics

Let me post my baby pics :D

Image hosting by Photobucket
Few months all, stubborn hair -_-

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yoohooo .... dunno what was I laughing at

Image hosting by Photobucket
Yay I'm ONE =p

Image hosting by Photobucket
Come let's dance

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nice cakes eh ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Obviously just woke up

Haha ... BBQ pics coming up ....patient

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And more pics ...

As I have promised .. these are the pics hehe

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nyukk, Nyokk, Nyakk

Image hosting by Photobucket
Our sampat trademark

Image hosting by Photobucket
hahaha ... funny dei

Image hosting by Photobucket
Threesome hehe ...

Stay tuned ....

Monday, February 20, 2006

These are the group pics

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sitting [L-R] : My LingLing, Banana Boy, Wind Wind, Me
STanding [L-R] : Dora, Carmen, TKJ Becky

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sitting [L-R] : I-Lulu, Carmen, Banana Boy, Quack
2nd Row [L-R] : Pali Pali, Dora, LingLing, Me, Sammie, Geisha
3rd Row [L-R] : Patato, Wind Wind, TKJ Becky, Ah Boy Gong Gong

Image hosting by Photobucket
No need to describe already ... refer to the top haha

Image hosting by Photobucket
This was before the BBQ

More to come...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

BBQ farewell for my Nyakk ...

Ahhh ... farewell ...

Saturday was farewell for Nyakk at my mom's place at Hartamas. Ahhh .... Friday Nyakk went to buy the stuff with her mom and we marinated them [just for the meat tho].

Ahh ... though it was tiring but then, it all paid off today. Oops yesterday. Yeah .. we had so many things to eat but we were so stressed-up at the beginning, being afraid that there would not be enough food to eat. However, it turned out to be the opposite, whichby there were actually too much food. Eat til burst. Haha ...

It was really a nice one ... hope everyone enjoyed yourself with the amount of food though those who stayed til the end had to do the cleaning haha ... soli la ... I dont have maid a hehe.

Thanx for coming everyone.

Main : Sammie
Attendance : Geisha, Quack, TKJ Becky, Kiki-Lala [Quack 5], LingLing [Quack 4], I-Lulu [Quack 3], Carmen, Justin [Banana Boy], Ah Boy Gong Gong, Poti-ato, Pali Kuasa 2, Sammie's Papa, Gary da Wind Wind

Pics will be up ...


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sakai and Sampat Trademark

I don't know if this is supposed to be a good thing or bad thing, but one thing's for sure that is that people will know you as that instead of your real name. In that case, you can be anonymous haha.

For me, I don't think being called sakai or sampat is a bad thing. It's actually quite interesting. Anybody want to try? I'll call you that =p hehe ... hmm not like I never call people with that hehe.

The history of Sakai:
Actually I learned this from my tuition teacher back in secondary school. After learning with him for 2 years, I have got used to it and did not call people back then. I mean I did but not as frequent. Then, it just came back at one period of time, in which I have no idea why too. The most prominent one that it came back to me was during college up til now. Why? DOn't ask me as I, myself, have no idea why is that. It's always like that, the more you call people with that, the name will eventually come back to you. I don't mind tho haha.

The history of Sampat:
Honestly, I don't know what Sampat means when Piggy used to use this to scold those idiot drivers on the road. I didnt bother to ask then. BUT, when that Sampat King used it, oh well now I got the idea what it meant. hehe ... thank you to him that now I'm trapped with this virus. People is calling me Sampat until I can't run away but to admit it to the extend that my blog is named Sampat. However, I dont think that it's my fault that MYB is filled with sampat people. It's definitely not me. What I dont like is ... that chop chop chop copied and use this word as well. It's like ewwww .... she doesnt deserve to be one.

But still ... I am not Sampat nor Sakai. ENd of story but dont understand why the name is still stick with me after so many years. Why eh?

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dont be lazy ...

I admit that I am being very lazy lately. I have not been doing my stomach exercise for quite some time already. That shows how lazy am I. I am just not determine to stick at it once I get it started. It's always the case, I will be freaking hardworking for one moment, and the next moment, I will be the laziest one alive.

Yeah, it's only these few days that I have started doing it again. What got me going? Well, it's very easy. Either, watch MTVs that can really make me go ... or good music. It's a matter of I want to do it or I don't. Performers with nice body get me motivated, especially the abs bwahahahha. It can just make me drool non stop hehe, with their superbly abs. Oh man, wish I can have that.

Too bad I can't. I need to work for it haha but then ... me being me and I know myself well ... only IF I am hardworking. I've been eating supper non-stop, snacks from the time I sit in front of the pc til the time I sleep, I'll be munching away. I finished so many tins and bottles of CNY treats and it's not finished yet. Seriously, there's a lot. Oh man! I am not afraid of gaining weight for now, but I want to be tonned. Ooh ... I am dreaming haha

I used to do it at least ... at least ... once a week. That's considered bad but then back then I attend Jane's class so it's a MUST to do. But her advie was ... do it on alternate days but rest during the weekends. Basically, her theory is .... 3 times per week is good enough. SOmetimes I hope to be discipline but I just couldnt do it. I'm such a lazy arse.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two pics ....

Hello hello everyone, let me introduce to you ....

*tong tong tong*


Image hosting by Photobucket
This is my twin sister, her name is Elle. She only comes out in the wee hours in the morning, like 4am perhaps. She's definitely quieter than me, tho I am quiet but she's the extreme. She would stare at you from one corner and doesnt make any noise.

Image hosting by Photobucket
While this is me ... the name is Michy, see the difference. Okay though I am also quiet and shy, still ... haha. I dont look at you from one corner. That's the difference between us.

Erm ... okay okay. I am just crapping haha

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentine's

It's Valentine's yesterday [since it's passed 12am]. I guess this is one of the worst one I had. It's not about it's not happening, it's not about I did not go anywhere, but the fact is, I was so sick that I could not get out from bed for the whole morning and afternoon due to something I feet at my stomach. It's not a good sign when I woke up few times every hour. I was too sick to do anything. I just vomitted out in the toilet and I felt terrible. I vomitted 3 times in total and only felt much better in the evening, that I could get out from my room.

With my condition, I could not do things that was planned earlier. It's not that I want to FFK Lalang, but I was way too sick. I could not believe too that my face was so pale until I saw myself in the mirror. It kind of reminds me of my condition during my high school, in which I frequently feel this way.

At last, I did go to Pyramid with Ling Ling, Lulu, Quack, Potato, Kerry, Carmen and ex-Papa Dora while Ryan joined us later on. Hmm ... the price really cost everyone a bomb. My God! 50++ for one set meal as they don't have any A La Carte for this day [Fish Manhattan]. I did not consume anything from there, except the drink on da house as the portion was rather big and the food was not appetizing. Therefore, I went to Mac Tong Tong [McD] instead as I was afraid that I would vomit again. It was not cold today, and I felt really cold until I could see goose bumps. :o What a day for me.

Oh btw, I saw Zoe and she is pretty :D :D

ANyway, Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Chap Goh Mei

It was the 15th Day of Chinese New Year [Chap Goh Mei] yesterday [Sunday] and it also symbolizes the last day for Chinese New Year. Hehe

Ok on this day, girls would go to the river and throw the oranges to the river. On the oranges, written their name, numbers or maybe address hoping to find the guy of their dreams. Probably it's just dreams, but then it's all based on luck and successful stories had been heard, so it's really up to the individual to believe it or not. I, don't believe because there are just too many weirdos around, it's way too dangerous to reveal your number. Good for them if they happen to meet the right guy, bad for them if the guy turn out to be a sicko. It's a Chinese Valentine's. Hehe ... so ... do you believe? Personal preferences buddies.

My touchpad gone kaput since my last entry, I installed Anti-Virus and so it happened. I uninstalled it but to no avail. I got myself a mouse, my si tikus, souris today while accompanying Nyakk for shopping today and it cost me 38 bucks. Why must it be 38? [Sampat] I wonder ...

Once again, Happy Chap Goh Mei, Happy 15th Night, Happy Chap Ngou Meh, Selamat ke-15 Malam ... =p

Friday, February 10, 2006

Valen..... ttt......i.......n.....e.......'s

It's the time of the year again. Valentine's is just around the corner and I'm pretty sure that everyone is busy, guys and gals alike, making a date and getting a date, or maybe more than one date? :o whoaaa .... terror.

Couples getting their partners gifts, and this means SHOPPING, no matter you like it or not, you have to, to make your partner happy. Usually, guys get their gfs flowers. Hehe. However, if you ask me, I would NOT want flowers. NO! I prefer others, like chocies, good enough haha. I DONT want flowers hehe, I just don't fancy. It's better to spend money on someone who would appreciate more, dont you think? :p I, for one, DONT appreciate.

Hmm flowers would be so pricey, restaurants would be cutting your throat, everywhere would be so crowded. It used to be only for couples back in those days, but I guess this is not the case anymore. It's so commercialized that it's turning into business opportunities. It doesn't symbolizes Valentine's anymore, it's all about money. WOW ... one meal coz 400 bucks. I can go for a vacation with that amount of money.

To date, it's not only for couples. Singles would be so left out in previous times. It's not anymore now, singles have fun with friends go for an outing together.

Conclusion : It's fun but you have a price to pay haha, get ready to get a hole in your pocket. Whoever wants to save, cook yourself and have candlelight dinner haha.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Zodiac Match Test

Hehe did a test on Tickle

michele, the best Zodiac Match for your personality is Aquarius

Aquarius, the Water Bearer (January 21 to February 19): This friendly and thoughtful partner is just your type. Initially, an Aquarius may catch your attention by showing you their intellectual side and optimistic outlook. But as you get to know them better, you're likely to be even more drawn to an Aquarian's idealistic resolve and focus on making positive change. People born under this sign are frequently capable of seeing both sides in any dispute. This can make them quite talented when it comes to finding creative solutions in your relationship. Your Aquarius may be a bit headstrong at moments, but they'll also tend to look for the bright side in times of trouble. In the bedroom, you'll likely find the Water Bearer both discrete and cautious. An Aquarian will ordinarily make sure that all areas of your relationship are strong before plunging into sex. Overall, Aquarians are solid, unwavering partners and complex people. So, it may take you a little extra time to get to know your Aquarian match, but it's apt to be well worth the wait.

The Zodiac Match Test

What a relief

OMG, what a torture I had yesterday. I could not view Blogspot at all. I didn't really know what happened but seems that I only get that error whenever I visited Blogspot. Basically, I couldn't read any blogs because most of them blog in Blogspot. It's kind of weird because I was able to view LiveJournal, Xanga, own domain, anything except for Blogspot.

What's weirder was I could sign in to Blogger, I could blog, just that I couldn't view. What a torture!

I was so afraid something might happen to AceBob again, as every single person could view except me.

Thank you Titus :)

Now, it's working all good and well, hope that it would not happen again. Phew~~ I'm so glad and relief now. For now, I can sit back and relax, and don't need to wonder and think what had happened.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


I don't understand why guys love to whistle at girls. If I'm not mistaken, gurls and guys do that to call each other back in high school. That's different coz you know the person. What if you don't know the person. I think it's rude, no?

Even more so when those stupid guys whistle at girls they do not know. It's very irritating and those girls will feel very uncomfy and disturbed. Ewww ... what world is this? So uncivilized. I don't know what are they thinking in their mind. They thought it's nice, it's fun but actually it's not. Probably they want to show how "cool" are they or maybe want to show how uneducated or even how retard are they, I really do not know. They are a bunch of freaking bloody totally retarded creatures.

Honestly, I think that's pretty insulting. Bugger! Can't they use their brain and think for once? I don't understand, I really don't. How many centuries have they been living with guys that they have not seen any girls before, that they have to act this way.

DOn't be surprise that some girls love it tho. These girls just want attention, which I think it's cheapskate. Yucks! I know these bunch of girls who would sit at the bus stop and wait for people to whistle at them [mostly from those driving lorries]. I seriously do not know what are they thinking of. Once they get a whistle, they would jump for joy, as if they won a lottery. That happened when I was in secondary. I'm totally clueless. My mind goes blank .. zzzzzzz....

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Where is the Language Centre?

Yoohoo ... the weather is so freaking hot. Melted! Melted! Melted!

Atria has changed a lot for the past 10 years. I remembered that it was okay back then as I used to go there for lunch at Aunt Anna's place, my dad's client. There were quite a number of people who patroned that place back then. I went there few years ago [during my college days], and oh man, yes it was quite dead but at least there are still shops around. I went today just to check out the language house there but could not find. Once I entered from the back [supermarket], what I saw was just empty spaces. They used to have all the small shops opposite the supermarket but it's empty. Man ... they are really going to close down soon.

As I was saying, went to Atria just to check out the Language House but ... I couldn't find it. Since Uptown is on my way back, I went rounding there as well and I found one centre which is called ICLS [Inter-Cultural Language School]. They offer French, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. I do not know to take up French or German.

5 weeks
twice per week
2 hours per lesson
C/Date: 24th Feb
Text Book: RM25
Reg: RM30

BUT ...
heard that there's one huge Language Centre located in Damansara but I have no idea where. Anyone knows about it, please enlighten me.

Thank you :)

The "How Old Are You" Tag

Nooooo.....OMG!!! I got taggeddd!!! -_- Thank you Ms Jumbled Mind

The "How Old Are You" Tag

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
***Hahaa ... actor? Errr ... erm ... can I not name? Coz I dont know :o

2. Name a cartoon of the old old days
***Mickey Mouse :p

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
***Is Sir Elton John considered? :p

4. Band of the old days
***The Beatles ... man are they good!

5.TV Series of the old days
***Nanny haha

6. Actress of Old Days
***actress ... err skip

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
***Belly bottom

8. Movie of Old Days
***Forgot what's the title of the movie, it's about a story of a dog, very touching

9. Music Video of Old Days
***BSB - As Long As You Love Me =p

10. Coolest Song of Old Days
***Saturday Nite Fever :D

It's my turn ... *kaching*

TKJ Sakai Pai Kia Becky
Nutty aka Rayleen
Sakai RJ

Let's welcome my dogs

I've been pretty bored here and these are my dogs.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Toby again ... April does not want to take pic -_-

Monday, February 6, 2006

Endless Story


Lyrics: D.A.Thomas & ats Music: D.A.Thomas

If you haven’t changed your mind
Soba ni ite hoshii yo Tonight

Tsuyogaru koto ni tsukareta no
Osana sugita no Everytime I think about you baby
Ima nara ieru I miss you
It is hard to say I’m sorry

Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
Utaitai kono uta wo
Owarai nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Memories of our time together
Kesa nai de kono mama don’t go away

Atatakaku toke dashite tashikameru no
Yasashisa no shizuku kono mune ni hirogatteku
Setsu nai hodo ni I’m missing you
Kasaneta te hanasa naide

Tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
Utai tai kono uta wo
Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni

Tatoeba dare ka no tame ja naku anata no tame ni
Utaitai kono uta wo
Owarai nai story tsuduku kono kagayaki ni
Always tsutaetai zutto eien ni

Tatoeba kanau nara mou ichido anata no tame ni
Utai tai kono uta wo
Owara nai story taemanai itoshisa de
tell me why oshiete yo zutto eien ni


Lyrics: D.A.Thomas & ats Translation: Jonathan Wu

If you haven’t changed your mind
Then I want you by my side Tonight

I’m so tired of always having to bluff
Everytime I think about you baby, I feel so young
If I could just tell you I miss you
It is hard to say I’m sorry

You see, I want to sing this song, not for just anyone
but just for you
An ENDLESS STORY that goes on and on in this radiance
Always, I wanna show you, forever and ever

Memories of our time together
this way, they don’t go away

Once I knew that the warmth between us had disappeared,
gentle tears started to spread over my chest
This is not where it ends, I’m missing you
please don’t let go of my hand

You see, I wish I could sing this song, just for you
just one more time
An ENDLESS STORY of endless love
tell me why please tell me forever and ever

You see, I want to sing this song, not for just anyone
but just for you
An ENDLESS STORY that goes on and on in this radiance
Always, I wanna show you, forever and ever

You see, I wish I could sing this song, just for you
just one more time
An ENDLESS STORY of endless love
tell me why, please tell me, forever and ever

p/s: try to listen to this song. It's nice :)

It's the 8th Day of CNY

Today is the eight day of Chinese New Year and so, this is the biggest day for the Hokkiens. Infact it's even bigger than the first day of CHinese New Year itself.

And soon ... it will be Chap Goh Meh which means the 15th Nite of CNY, also resembles the last day of CNY. I witnessed the fireworks for more than half an hour earlier and it was just marvellous. It was really nice, wish that people would lit up for me haha. Yeah, I am dreaming :p

So far, I have yet to see any Lion Dance around. Hmm, not that I have the opportunity with my screwed-up time zone hehe. Time to sleep I'm awake, time to to be awake, I sleep. I used to wake up at 6 something in the morning every first day of CNY to see the Lion Dance before I shifted. Hmm, that's the only time I can wake up haha ... but not anymore, those were the days.

However, those festivals mood that I had before are now all gone. I don't even feel it's CNY now.
Hmm ... but I feel more into Xmas mood now compared to before. Hmm ... weird ...

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Happy Birthday Ling Ling

To My Dearest @lien aka LIng Ling,

Happy Birthday to you
You are from Zorien
The most gorgeous @lien
Happy Birthday to you

Hope that you like that pressie and enjoyed yourself yesterday. Glad that met you, this wonderful and gorgeous @lien, stay pretty, stay happy, be happy :)

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Happy Birthday LingLing

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Stay gorgeous :)

At first, it was LunaBar but that place was plain boring. So, we went to BarFly instead which is so much more happening.

It is when the excitment starts. Yup, whole night I was drooling over these two hotties and bleeding. That's the reason why I don't have enough strength to do anything now. When both of them dance, WOW ... so many on-lookers. ...Salute ....

Wish I could dance like them :) Must learn from two dancing queens.

Got conned

Have you ever felt that you have been conned? Been robbed? ... in a eateries centre that is.

I went for dinner at this place in Kepong, no idea what is the name of that place. For those who live in Kepong or those who frequent this area, please do not go there if you do not wish to be conned left right centre.

Let me share the experiece.

We sat down and one of the staff was cleaning the table beside us. He did not bother to serve [fail]. When the boss came [she's the only one taking down the orders], my dad ordered. [ok]
We ordered fish head curry.
The food came long after that.[fail] She [boss] only has 2 cooks and 1 worker so it took ages -_- It looks so bloody unappetizing. [fail]I lost my appetite straight away.
The taste? It was NOT fresh at all. Moreover, the taste was freaking weird. It was simply awful[fail]
Size? Very small [fail]
Price? Cut throat ... it costs 20 bucks for that freaking small dish [fail]
After my dad complained, that bugger can even say that it's fresh because so many customer had ordered and nobody complained it. What the heck? She's so freaking rude!! [fail]

So, basically everything failed from A-Z. I would never return there, EVER AGAIN. In my lifetime, NEVER! It's a boycott for lifetime.

Location: It is located in Kepong, Metro Prima behind of KFC, Pizza which is in Kepong Baru near Jaya Jusco. It is a open place, located exactly opposite of Restoran Asraf.

If you do not wish to be conned and see that freaking rude old lady, then DONT go. If you wish to get "robbed" by her plus an unsatisfying meal as well as doing some charity, then by all means go ahead.
That shop is going to close down due to bangruptcy [erm how do I spell it]

*What happened to my comment box? WHy cant people comment in my previous posts though I have re-posted it 5 times. This is so ridiculous. Arrrgh!

Friday, February 3, 2006

Di Yi Chi - First Time

This is sang by Guang Liang title Di Yi Chi or First time. I don't know the meaning until I read the translation hehe. Very nice, meaningful and touching song. I've put the link to the site, just click on the main title.

Dang ni kan zhe wo Wo mei you kai kou
Yi bei ni cai tou Hai shi mei ba wo
Hai shi mei you fu he Ni de yao qiu

Shi wo zi ji xiang de tai duo Hai shi ni ye zai shan duo
Ru guo zhen de xuan ze shi wo Wo gu qi yong qi qu jie shou
Bu zhi bu jue rang shi xian kai shi shan shuo

O Di yi ci wo Shuo ai ni de shi hou
Hu xi nan guo Xin bu ting de chan dou
O Di yi ci wo Qian qi ni de shuang shou
Shi qu fang xiang Bu zhi gai wang na'er zou
Na shi yi qi xiang ai de li you
Na shi yi qi si shou (dui wo)

O Di yi ci wen Ni shen shen de jiu wo
Xiang yao qing xing que chong hun le tou
O Di yi ci ni Tang zai wo de xiong kou
Er shi si xiao shi mei you fen kai guo
Na shi di yi ci zhi dao Tian chang di jiu

Gan jue ni shu yu wo Gan jue ni de yan mou
Di yi ci jiu jue ding Jue bu hui cuo


When you look at me, I haven't opened my mouth
You've already figured out, I'm still not certain
I still haven't filled your requests

Is it that I'm thinking too much, or that you are also avoiding?
If you've really chosen me, I'll muster up the courage to accept
Unwittingly, my line of sight has begun to become evasive

Oh, the first time I said I loved you
Breathing was hard, my heart wouldn't stop trembling
Oh, the first time I held your two hands
I lost my way, didn't know where I was walking
That's the reason for us to be in love
That's the two of us protecting each other (to me)

Oh, the first time I kissed your deep dimples
I wanted to be sober, but I became giddy
Oh, the first time you laid down on my chest
We didn't part for 24 hours
That was the first time I knew what "everlasting and unchanging" meant

I feel that you are a part of me, I feel your pupils
It's the first time deciding, it can't be wrong

Not her again!!

Hmm ... AceBob got stike by sickness. Btw, if you are wondering who AceBob is ... it is my lappie :p hmm, it's not funny ok :p hehe. Why AceBob? I'm using Acer and suddenly Bob came to my mind at that time ... so Acer + Bob = AceBob. It is not AcerBob because it sounds kinda weird.

I wanted to restart AceBon that time and it just could not enter Windows no matter what I do. I reformatted and everything's gone. This is kind of emergency and oh well, I could not back up those files.

Ooh btw, I went to Blook today, and to my horror, I saw two gurls went in before me and Nyak and Daazzzzz. However, I did not notice them until when we entered. I mean, the Blook in Hartamas is very small so ... hmm even though I am sleepy, I could recognize. At first did not really see her, it is only when I saw the side view then alright it's her, my ex-classmate many many years ago in which I don't want to know her and it's either mine or her bad luck to bump into her. I do not know if I'm fated to bump into her because few months back, I bumped into her as well, in 1 Utama. Oh well ..

Since she's blind, I don't think she even notices me. As you know, when shopping freak enters a boutique or place with clothes, their eyes is mainly on the clothes and nowhere else.
Honestly speaking, I don't consider those as my friends. Never did, never will and to me, they are just pretentious kind of people. They don't deserve I was fooled by these people who only wants their amount of friends in Friendster to be increased. I have no idea why my ex-classmates are THAT lame, what's the difference between them and those sickos? Yeah, even though we met each other years later after primary, we did not even say hi or talk to each other. So, yeah I dont like these people and they can just nyok off from my life. I don't need them as they are rubbish. If she does not want to talk, then let's be it. Don't pretend and be a hypocrite and send a message asking "yeah how are you doing" and pretending to be so friendly to me when deep down, they aren't. I might be wrong but who cares

What's the use of adding up people in your list? Want to be famous? Want to be popular? Want to show the whole world that you have lotsa friends and that everyone loves you? Common, face it, you aren't a nice person to me. I don't care what others think but most importantly, I look down on you because of that sucky attitude of yours. That's the end, goodbye, I don't find any difference in you compared with those pathetic losers. Don't think you are damn HOT damn gorgeous, coz I don't find you even pretty, but just a plain and simple Ah Lian. What's so nice of being an attention whore? SHortie Ah LIan muahahhaha. You are short.

I don't care if she's reading this, do I even care? I don't give a damn.

Si KEtot Ah Lian.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Friendster oh Friendster

Haha ... I rejected 9 friend requests today in Friendster. I have been keeping them for quite some time already and since they don't even bother to send a message then .. goodbye. They viewed and they send requests. What the heck is this.

In a matter of fact, I don't simply add people in Friendster. If I DONT know who that person is, then it's goodbye to that person. And ... even IF one is in my list and I have no idea who are you, then it's also GOODBYE. Of course I know that I do keep people whom I have no idea who, consider those lucky. But, one fine day, they'll be gone as well.

I find that many people in Friendster are THAT pathetic. Recently, I received a message from who the devil is, I dont wish to know.

Subject: Hi
Message: MSN plz

So ... can anyone get what does he meant by that? Seriously, I DONT simply give out my MSN ID for goodness sake. I dont even know who the heck is this person. WHY must I give out my ID, true? I told him that and he replied me this "any question u want d ask ,im a normal ppl like streat ,so tats why just ask from u ."
It is not that I want to know him, I dont intend to know him either. I'm simply not interested. He wants to know me, I'm not willing to either.
It's such a turn-off. Goodness! I'm not THAT pathethic okay.

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Road Trip to USJ

I had lunch in my uncle's house today. The weather today was not THAT bad, but still it's bad no matter what. Did not take any pix of the food as I totally forgotten about it as I was still very blur then and concentrated too much on the book (Memoirs of Geisha) I was reading before that.
I would say that the roads in USJ is very confusing, one section to the other is very similar to each other. Not my cup of tea. I prefer Maluri Hill Park :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
After lunch, sat outside at the swing to read the book as inside of the house is pretty dark

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is very nearby, on my way out

Image hosting by Photobucket
I was inside my uncle's car, not sure of the way out haha

Image hosting by Photobucket
This is USJ, come here once a year, been here like 3 or 4 times but still could not remember the way coz it looks so similar

Image hosting by Photobucket
Dunno what is this but ... yeah just took it

Image hosting by Photobucket
Very greenish ...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Just a signboard .. as you can see ... I was bloody free

Image hosting by Photobucket
The Summit ... I have not been there before but dont think I want to go either

Image hosting by Photobucket
Finally, this is me in the car

Okay ... I am done. :) haha ...