Monday, January 29, 2007

Back to Malters

I'm working another closing today ... kill me ... ich arbeite heute ... please kill me .. thai laor ....

continue from my previous posts ... so we were in Luzern and changed a train, and here we are back in Malters Bahnhoft ... look to the left ... there's only Migros

uploading is damn annoying, will continue later

Look right, there is Coops ... damn pathetic

This is Swiss' map .. 1]Geneve, it's at the end, only 20 mins drive to France, near eh 2]Lausanne which is frequently mixed up with Luzern 3]Neuchatel, the place I used to study ... for my Higher Diploma .. in Autum 04B 4]Basel, the place I went to visit my friends' relatives = zoo when I was in Neuchatel 5]Bern - the capital city of Swiss and it's colder compared to other cities, of coz not included the mountains haha 6]Brig, this is where Jojo and Amy is training in, I visited there once 7]Thon, I have not been there, they are just weird, naming a city called Thon, which means tuna in German :s 8]Interlaken, a very famous mountain in Swiss - I wanna go ich moechte Interlaken gehen 9]Olten, this is where we always have to change our train in each time to somewhere quite far away like Geneve or Lugano 10]This is paradise - Luzern ... I miss Luzernnn ... IMI ... heaven haha :p 11]Zug - this is where Chris and Phillip from haha ... yeah Yu Wen? :p 12]Zurich - the shopping paradise is here 13]St Gallen - the other end of Swiss and I heard it's beautiful so I wanna go too

So, that's it for Swiss map for now haha

It is really foggy ... what do you see?

Take a look at this ...

Even spider web is frozen

white .... blanc ... weiss .... putih

damn this ... cannot upload again, continue tomorow

Nau kot ..

ok done

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