Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Made history

I knew that today is going to be different already as I had lower back ache and got tired very easily yesterday. That was the sign I got before I fell sick the other time. Today, I sneezed quite a few times and got a headache and even the temperature was -1 I felt quite warm. Haha I can foresee the future ... I wish. The restaurant made history today, it wasn't busy during dinner at all .. I am damn serious, I dont have to run around ... can even walk lenggang lenggong ... okie how do you say that .. I forgot, my BM is damn rusty now.

My schedule for Tuesday is 12-3 and 6.30-11. Yeay .. there's a bus that time :D hehe. Nowadays, I dont take bus to work anymore, instead I walk ... which can be so much faster than the bus coz bus takes one big gigantic humongous round. I can leave here 17 minutes before and I can still reach on time. If wanna leave like 15 minutes before is also possible, just walk faster haha.

I made history too .... I slept one and a half hours during my break which was ... soooo surprising as I dont usually do that. Umm .. it wasnt busy at all and at 9pm it felt like 11pm but at 11pm two buggers customers have to dine there =.= ishhh

While in London on the way to meet Claudine for lunch, Yu Wen snapped this pic from the bus :p Malaysia wehhh ...

Tourism Malaysia .. dont pray pray ...

Chubby sial ... just woke up ... :D

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