Saturday, February 3, 2007

Off day

I'm officially in the new place now, damn nice damn comfy ... and finally after one month of torture I have my own placee ... aww how sweet but also it will burn 2 holes in my pocket. Plus ... it's superbly strict as nobody else is allowed in this room except me me and me. So I better not do anything funny.

Thursday was my off day haha coincidently it's Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur's Day too!! I have Malaysian holiday haha but I didnt realize it until minutes ago. As I have told on Thursday that IMI will be dangerous if I go there this week. Therefore, I decided to stay here in Geneve. Who knows that plan changed again ... instead of Luzern, I went to Zurich to meet up with Yu Wen.

It's a last minute thingy. I departed from here 8.14 ... it was so rush ... I ran from my place to the train station and to the specific platform and as soon as I got into the train, it took off ... omg ... out of breath. Then, reached there and waited for Yu Wen.

You know what? I didnt see her for more than a month already, one a half months to be quite exact and same goes to Ying and Peter. And you know what? I couldnt recognize her and vice versa. I mean ... so different. Serious weh and ... it's just funny how we couldnt recognize each other. She is my online kaki, makan kaki, tidur kaki, gossip kaki, minum kaki, party kaki, supper kaki, study kaki, assignment kaki, depressed kaki, shopping kaki, nothing-to-do kaki, picha kaki and so forth. I miss and I really miss using lahs. Ying permed her hair but Peter still looks the same.

So when we met ... hehe ... I mean the next day which is today ... we ... we .. hehe .... shoppppppp!!!! :P I mean cannot be helped okay it's all sales around now up to 70% ... so how to resist? Not that I have time and the strength to do so when I'm working. I just feel like coming home and rest and nothing else. But, we didnt shop THAT much just a bit. I was supposed to go to Luzern at 2.30 who knows I was told that I dont have to go anymore so we continued.

So after she left for work, I left for Luzern and since that I have to wait for 2 hours for the train to Geneve, I decided to go to IMI to check if there is any letter PLUS ... to see if I will bump into someone I know. Unfortunately and very unfortunately ... I did not. After half an hour, I went to Bahnhof and met Goh there to get my cable and camera charger. FINALLY ... I can take pics again. Phew .. feel so relieved :)

So, that's the end and I am back to reality.


Anonymous said...

L O L x2

michy, i never know that i'm your so-many-kakis sial!!now only i know XD

Nyokk said...

ahahhaha many lehhh ... not too late to know haha :p