Sunday, February 11, 2007

Places we went

4 days off, should have gone for a holiday but it's damn pathetic to go alone as nobody else has the same off days as me. So, forget about it haha. I'm sure there will be a day.

This is Big Ben ... it was taken like 1 something in the morning ... very windy

Same goes to London Eye

Woah Marriott ...

After taking this, one guy suddenly told us that he has been in London for 5 years and that London is really beautiful ... =.= errr .... is he okay? But, we then turned around and continue taking pix haha

Trafalgar Square ...

TGI Friday's ... of course we didnt eat that, if not we can just go back to B&B and sleep ... coz will be too broke to do anything else

Planet Hollywood .. also for taking pix purpose only, not to dine there

Also .. didnt enter

After looking high and low for this ... we finally found it ...

At last ....

Instead of that few well known outlets ... we ate this

KFC ... Finger Lickin' Good ... we miss KFC a lot okieee ... Swiss doesnt have one ... not even one, it feels like heaven to have the chance to eat KFC, eat until only bones left haha

Chicken, Gai, Ayam, Poulet

Pepsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Erm .. not that I have never drank Pepsi in my entire life before but the fact that I was drinking Pepsi in KFC and have not done so in a long long time!! So, it's SOMETHING to me.

Yu Wen @ KFC London :D

Me, saya, gua, ich, moi, chan .... in KFC, KFC wehh!!!


R.J said...

Tragalgar Square...wah long time neva go there already. Actually been ages since I stepped foot in london. Craps...must go again.
Last few pics...on KFC... wei remember ah that time in Paris KFC??
kekeke... how we rushed right out after some nut case sat next to us with super busuk ketiak! *faint*. Best was you...the slowest eater.... teruk sumbat and run hahaha

Nyokk said...

come come go london again :p but i prefer swiss :p
OMG ,, KFC Paris, holy crap!! enjoying my food and once smell that stinko ... less than 5 seconds haha from 2nd floor to out on the streets, damn fast

R.J said...

I agree... even I prefer Switz rather than UK. Hati sudah jatuh cinta with Switzerland hehehe.
HAHAHMUAHAHAHAH yea pecah record that day for all of us LOL!