Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A visit to Tower Bridge

This is the 1st ever day that I felt so happy working and not tired haha. I dont know why am I happy too .. maybe just finish my 4 days break .. haha ... 3 more days and I'm gonna get off again tres bien. I ate maggie mee today and .. and ... maybe I havent eaten in a long time ... I felt spicy :o oh scheisse and I finally renew my monthly pass, FINALLY ... after a week getting up and down the bus and tram without any valid pass or ticket. Not 1st time doing that anyway ... :p I mean I just didnt realize that it expired okie.

Okie so anyway ... after we couldnt find Tower Bridge, we gave up and went back to Steve's B&B, rest awhile and had dinner and ... headed to Masala Zone where Clod was working. Since we couldnt find, Clod took us there instead.

It was taken in the bus while on the way there .. Happy Birthday Clod... gave her her fave chocies .. Lindt's .. from Luzern :D It wasnt her birthday on that day, but it was just few days away but we were departing the next day already

So here we are ... the Tower Bridge, yeah it's actually called Tower Bridge not London Bridge.

Finally after going through the horror of looking for this place, WE REACHED!

at a closer look

This is the place that it breaks or tear apart into 2 ... quite freaky na

Yu Wen's swearing .. oops :p haha .. yeah that sign is actually a swear sign, it's a long long history regarding the miliary those days where the armies of dunnno where whose fingers were chopped out by the armies of another country, to show that they still have mercy and prevent them from holding a gun, as told by Adam

with Clod ... my god, the wind is so god damn strong

My goodness .. I love this pic so much

Just walking around and snapped this pic :p

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