Thursday, February 8, 2007

Walking in London

It's 12.30 pm now and I am able to blog .. which means I am off! HAHA! OFF wei :D

Poom is helping me to move my luggages later, Jojo will be reaching Geneva at 3pm, then I'll bring him to the hostel I used to stay and later ... we will head down to downtown. For what? Fuer was? Of coz nothing else but to ... shopppp!! :p Not to mention ... eattt ... essen .... gin kau ... makan.

I'm such a bump, so lazy to upload those pics but anyway I have 7 only for now ...

This is somewhere near we stayed

double decker bus!!!! OKie ... damn ulu ... diam ...

Dont know why I just like this pic ....

Just a shot

I took the previous pic from up here

The light is freaking bright
Finally ... us

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