Saturday, March 10, 2007


It's just one week away before I'm being hiatus for one month. But, decided to start again .... ya, I'm back for .. NOW. Haha! Nothing happened for this whole month, it's all very routine bla bla bla nothing much eat sleep go to work and bla bla bla again. Lost weight last week, and gained back this week, yay ... so nothing much haha. I actually just got back from Luzern .. again and oh my .. I think it's worth every Franc and every Rappen I paid for my Gleis 7 karte as I have travelled fuer gratis dont know how many times. I travelled so much more than tha card is. I travelled so much until I can remember every station from Geneve to Luzern which is 3 hours long and vice versa.

Geneve - Gland - Morgens - Rennen - Lausanne - Palesieuz - Romont - Fribuorg - Bern - Zufingen - Sursee - Luzern and other small stops which are not worth mentioning them coz people hardly get down there e.g. Morgens, Gland, Rennen

This pic was taken on a Saturday, once upon a time when I just finished my 1st shift on that day at 3pm

And ... I paid Yu Wen a visit in February ... I mentioned before ...

Can you believe it? I ate this!!!!! Drooool sial ...

I know that it's a known fact that my ears were pierced like ... 4 times before but there are only 2 holes as ... what to do ... sensitive ... until my whole face was swollen ... but that was so once upon a time in Malaysia story .. that day went to Manor to pierce another 2 ... no matter one or two, the price is the same

Umm ... it's Saturday ... and I am gonna work for a bloody 10 and a half hours straight, killing me real badly ... really ... gave me sweet nice shifts for the 2 days before I got my off days [7.5 hours] and today, I'll be dead, just dead ... 10.5 dei ... wie? how? macam mana? makan roti lor ... eat bread .. essen das Brot haha ...

So .. zuzu zutai working .. ganbateh kudasai ne .. damn scheisse but .. cant be helped ..


Anonymous said...

welcome back, michy. I hope you will be survive today haha. I am surprised that you can remember every single places but it's not hard such you have traveled to Luzern many times.
anyway, take good care of yourself.

Nyokk said...

dont say goodbye, say see you okie :D well .. it's uncountable ... i dont even know how many times have i travelled to luzern from geneve haha .. oh well ... :D there are nice things in luzern, dont u think so :p