Thursday, March 15, 2007


YEay .. off day tomorrow ... eeee :D

Geneva is not that big, but is it THAT small until it's so easy to bump into people? Furthermore, I do not know many people in Geneva but somehow, I keep bumping into people I know. While in Luzern, I know more people but it's not as often as this. IMI have like what .. 200 students and the possibility that they go to town is high but I dont really bump into them during my BA days. However, it's so easy here.

Just the 1st few days after I moved into Geneva, I bumped into Poom after work while she was gonna do some shopping. I bumped into her last week again. We didnt make any appointment at all okies. Nadia, bumped into her at Gare Carnavin, she was coming down from the bus and I wanted to go up. Francisco twice .. first was near the hostel I stayed before and the 2nd time in downtown last week. Linda ... twice too, near the hostel and in Dosenbach the 2nd time a few weeks ago. Another colleague too at Carnavin some weeks ago ... adoiiiii.

And and .... you know something? I saw the pics in Daniel's blog and those pics really tempt me to go to the Motorshow which is now being held in Geneva until the 18th this month. 14 CH not bad la rite .. so I might go on Friday, let's see how.

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