Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cold ... kalt ... sejuk ... nau

The day after, mountain boy missed call me just to make sure I'm awake and be there on time ... appointment time: 8am @ Bahnhof aka La gare

We went to another part of Geneva, where the UN, embassy and other business things are located. I have not been to this part ... so it's the 1st time :D He had to go to England embassy so both of us had to wait for him outside. Therefore, we decided to go and snap snap pics at a ... I dont know what is it called ... not a park, not a field ... I dont know. Anything most important, take pics :p

This is the place .. and we know that Jojo wants it too ... but then, we didnt wanna wait for him haha

It's green green green :D

Even after we finished ... he still have not finished and you know what? He ended up 2 hours inside that embassy!!! 2 donkey hours ... leave us in the cold .. for so freaking long!!! Damn!

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