Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From bus stops to INSIDE the bus

Ey ... I changed my name already haha no turning back okie :p

Anyway .. continue from the previous post, still at the bus stop haha ... ey only one bus per hour after 8pm. So, forgive us, it's not a crime. Rite? rite? rite? No? okay left.

Noch hier ... ja ja .. still here haha

and still waiting aka warten aka tunggu

coming coming ... instead of taking to Bahnhof right away, we took towards Horw .. and took 20 to Bahnhof as bus 20 takes lesser time to Bahnhoft compared to Bus 21

Wegscheide ... the bus stop that is located near Otto's, that has some really cheap stuff haha and the place that leave really great moments :D hehe ..

He's sitting here, she's sitting there, newspaper flooded the place, and came the newspapermen, one in the phone booth and others were on the streets camping

haha ... :D

Then ... we reached Bahnhoft, off we ran to the place we supposed to go and got it done less than 5 mins .. and and ... we got onto the bus .. hoooray! eh perfect angle, dont look that chubby here haha


Kim said...

hey hey..
yeap im in Swiss.
ALSO doing internship like you...
how cool~~
which hotel in Geneva?..
and your'e MALAYSIAN@@!!!!
sooooo few malaysians in Switz rite now that i know of. its depressing.

btw, how'd you come across me?..

Mochii said...

wah ... yay hi anak malaysia :D :D
Nope, I'm not training in a hotel, instead a resturant, how sad haha
yeah very few, where are you in swiss? o.O
hehe i was searching through blogger search :D

kyliemc said...

:D mochii!!!last pic of u n yu wen, d both of u lookalike la!!! :O

Mochii said...

alamak u also calling me mochii hahahah ... :o we look alike? LOL