Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Actually, I dont know what to blog anymore, I have finished what I wanted to blog. As a known fact, I have no life or rather my working life is my life, whichever you wanna call that, it's very routine daily, weekly and monthly. Nothing special or nothing eventful things happen in my life. What I do is eat, sleep, shower, online, go to bed. It's too routine until it's useless mentioning it. Therefore, I have no inspiration, I have no idea .. and my mind is totally blank about what to put here. It happens all the time, probably not EACH and EVERY time but most of the time now. I can't think and all I can do is to stare at this fella here .. my Acebob.

Therefore, someone ... who is as crazy as before suggested me to blog about how happy I am that I am going back home. Since that I really have nothing to blog about, so why not? That person mentioned is no other that the Gila Jed Plane

Hieeee .. I am veryyy happpyyy ... I am going backkk =.= adoi ... ich bin sehr glücklich weil ich zurück gehe (ich gehe nach Hause) dunno which is right haha ... chan sam nuk mak mak duay kap baan

Today is the day that I feel alright working. Probably due to the amount of sleep I get, I really got ample amount of sleep ;)

It has been 3 years since Dip 7 Sept 02' left college and who's left in Malaysia is just a handful of the Dip 7 zoo. haha ... damn sad sial.


rayleen said...

lober, when u going back? finish e=internship adee meh?

Nyokk said...

not yet haha i say in advanced ... im going back in june :D