Friday, March 23, 2007

Umm .. pulling hair?

It's already Friday and I was supposed to go to Luzern yesterday but plan was nicely cancelled when I was already all prepared. Who knows that it almost went as the initial plan again, but didnt happen eventually. Yea, mood is the worst when I'm being woken up from my sleep. Randomly speaking, if I am asleep when you call, just let me continue sleeping .. dont talk anymore, just say goodbye and hang up. haha.

I wanna know what is so nice pulling people's hair -_-

my hair is just being tied like that ... very normal

Yet ... everyday is getting pulled .. by anyone .. anywhere, i really wonder what's so nice

These pics were like last year when I did the part time job end of October in Luzern sent by IMI. Now, my uniform is not like that of course, it's only the white shirt the same and without vest and bow tie. That's the difference in uniform and now I have to tie up my fringe and obviously longer now ... :s what's so niceeee .. or are they THAT bored to do so?

umm ...

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