Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's the perfect day today ... 2 dummkopf called in sick. We managed to finish everything before 12. If I ever do closing with them ... just rely on myself is good enough. PLus ... closing with them is not healthy, will get heart attack and getting mad over nothing cause of them haha. Well ... that was bfore and now, I dont bother anymore .. *peace* yea ... who on earth will believe that they are really sick and both on the same day. Even deaf know they are lying. Chiew~

One day .. while I was polishing glasses .. slack a bit la ... I mean .. slack and be smart :p as to ... be the 1st one to get that rack and polish :D so .. do it before others do ;)

then there comes the bum ...

bum: hey you are polishing the wrong way
me: why?
me: why?
bum: *repeated*
me: why?
bum: nothing
me: *yesssssh*

I won!!! hohoho .. wanna snatch .. chiewww ... not so easy to lie to me :D *peace*


zeroimpact said...

Yes, there are times that we do that and not relying on anyone is the best way to do things
sounds like fun leh, I wonder if I would do a good job in it

Nyokk said...

yea that's the best or else end up in hospital haha
im sure u will, 10 million times better than the 2 idiots haha