Wednesday, April 4, 2007

L'auto Salon Geneve 02

Let's jump out from the window now .. close sial ...

Geneve made history, hari ini dalam sejarah. It's the first ever time that I saw an accident in Switzerland. First time okay!! When I was online, I suddenly heard a loud sound like skidded then bang, but not that loud and followed with glasses sound. :o Later on, police came bla bla ... then they pushed the Volvo to the side. I dont know what car is it involved with as I only saw that Volvo and nothig else. o.O How do I know? Coz it happened directly below my room and I can just stand inside my room and I could see it, dont have to go to the balcony and all.

The outside and inside view respectively

Haha .. ;p


Formula 1? o.O

bridgestone tyres

That's it .. dont really have time now .. so ciao


tIcKLeMe said...

ah chiew. i thought one of those cars kena bang. kakakakkakaa. :D

jason said...

I see accidents in malaysia , like , every month ?

is it really that safe in switzerland ?

Mochii said...

sp: lol ... apa la ... that's inside the hall hahaha

jason: more like everyday ahahha ... i dont know for so long, i only saw the other day haha