Friday, April 20, 2007

Rounding in Genf

Once upon a time, beginning of April, I met my first ever bloggie friend, who was also stuck in a place called Switzerland. Since that she came over to Geneva ... then what else? Meet lar .. chiew

So, here it goes, met in a place called Boky Restaurant. It's a Japanese-Chinese Restaurant but it serves Malaysian specialities as well. You know what time they serve that? At a donkey hour ... 10pm - 2am. Ba jing jing na! SO I didnt have the opportunity to taste their Malaysian menu until today. Btw, it's located one minute from my place ehehe.

Oh btw, I met Kim there and her friend Bryant came along who works with Nadia who was my school mate in IMI who used to hang out in Giant's room. Small world sial!

We ordered more but didnt take pix ... as you know ... hungry wolf came out :D

Later on, Nadia went to work at Beau-Rivage ... aww ... yeah we actually have a pic of 4 of us but ... it was so dark and what you can see is shadow, wasted =.=

Later on, went downtown shop shop shop and here it goes .. again

Stacie, Kim and me ...

Yeay ... ;)

Finally .... glace is ice cream in French

So it's done

Of course, the day did not end here .. there's more .. but lazy to update now .. some other time okeh ...

FINALLY .. I have joined Facebook and my profile is here


schnecke~ said...

errr...come i buy u chicky rice...nearby my hse quite nice :p...haha

Mochii said...

Mann Schnecke, you wanna get crushed? :D :D you wait and see :p

Schnecke~ said...

u beginning to sound like potato... :S....crush schnecke~ .. *swt

Schnecke~ said...

u beginning to sound like potato... :S....crush schnecke~ .. *swt

Mochii said...

but i put :D she doesnt hahahha n she doesnt laugh :p hohoho