Sunday, May 27, 2007

Apa apa aja

When I had finished my lunch today and wasnt time to start work yet, I was squatting behind the bar, resting my head and my hands on something where they put empty wine bottles and there comes a guy, I dont know him, but he comes to deliver stuff only. Then, I heard he and one of the stewards talking. He asked if I am from China -_- and the steward told him that I am from Malaysia and and ... so he started talking to me like some dumbo coz I dont understand what the devil he said, even if I understand I pretend I dont.

He: When is your off day?
Me: Erm Thursday and Friday
He: Let's go out for a drink
Me: Erm .. I'm going to Luzern coming back on Friday
He: What is your phone number then
Me: Why do you want it?
He: To call you, to message you
Me: Erm, dont have to
He: We work together, so let's just go and have a drink
Me: *sarcastic smile* [since when we work together]
He: You are pretty that's why I wanna know you
Me: *another sarcastic smile* dont need

Whatever =.= and another steward asked me for my number again, this is the 5th month he's asking and I always refuse to give :D

Anyway ... umm .. zoo again hehe

Leopard .. look at the paws :o

It stated "in order to save energy, I sleep a lot. About 15 hours per day" =.= babi betul

Hahha pijakkk ... stepppp

Wolf .. nice pose

;) us

Sorry cannot help it

SOrry the wall is just too nice


EJL said...

Hey there,

Nice blog.. Noticed you've got some posts on thai songs, have you tried these?

Keep it up.. Have a nice day..

Iwan Sanchez said...

spam sial!!


pretty mah, of cos guys wanna ur number!!


i like ur pics!!

lawa bangat dong!!!

jasonphoon said...

haha , even the spam robots think you're thai ! notice it's links to thai songs ? hahhaa . just joking.

woooooot , guys asking for your number ! well , at least you didn't kick their balls.

I emphatize for the fellow man who would dare to ask a girl for her number. takes guts you know ^_^

Then again, you said no already , so he shouldn't be so pushy.

kick him next time !

Mochii said...

iwan: haha no not pretty :D gak lawa sih :D bisa aja :p

jason: it's spam robot? haha didnt know that coz sometimes I learn Thai from there too ;p aiseh take guts, but .. depends haha. If it's a guy that seldom do this, then yah, but thennn .. I think he always do this and I dont want to find more problems haha .. so stay as far as I can. They are just desperados and very sad kind of people .. so .. umm

EJL said...

I should clarify that the 1st comment (and links) was indeed left by a person, not a spam robot.

I figured since Ms. Webmistress is already aware of that language site, it would be ok.

Reading back, i can see how it can be mistaken as spam...consequences of doing something quickly, without thinking.

I posted the links without any affiliation to eThaiMusic, which has no part in this. Please delete all my comments. It will not happen again. I apologize for the confusion it has caused.

Alright then, have a nice day, everyone.

tIcKLe`Me said...

wahhh!!! SO DAMN SKINNNY!!! :D

Mochii said...

sp: picture saja :p