Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let's go to the .. ZOOH

Let's go to the zoo :D hehe .. when was the last time any of you step into the zoo? :D Few weeks, few months, few years, few decades? :D

These fellas are like so pretty .....

I'm not interested in fishes, but these fellas here caught my attention. How so? Coz they were not swimming, all were like stone at one place doing nothing, one will wonder if it is alive or dead o.O

My purpose of coming to the zoo is only for this fellas .... and they are ....

the penguins :D

Dedes and their owner ... haha. Why do I call the penguins dede? It's of one reason. When we went to Italy, I bought a duck soft toy and Yu Wen bought a penguin. I named mine Quack, so not knowing what to name the penguin, she calls it dede instead =.= haha

picture of Dedes

Just a question to ponder here. Have you encountered an incident that occured on you or not on you, whether it's bad or good, and when you wake up the next day, it seems like it's just a dream, because it's so unbelievable? Probably, it's a memorable incident, that when you wake up the next day, you couldnt believe that it's actually happening to you even though everything happened the night before, but then ... you still couldnt believe it's for real and not a dream. Or probably ... something bad happened to you, some tragic incident and it kept repeating in your dreams. It seems so real ... but when you wake up ... you are confused, you dont know if it's just a dream or did it really happen to you.

Umm ...


jasonphoon said...

Why do you spell Zoo , Zooh ? is it how it's spelt there ?

oh, I'm back from bangkok ^_^

Mochii said...

hahaha i dunnno why i spelt it that way, in the tran is spelt as zoo though .. hahaha ...i think it's the way they pronounced it that it has the H sound in it, that's why i put it as zooh hehe :D

welcome back .. be thai kid already? :D