Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Singapore Restaurant

Okeh I will blog about the whole adventure in Singapore Restaurant now. OKeh!!!! Aisehhhhh ... so I mentioned Andy was working there, he's a Singaporean ... and Din Din or better known as Boy Boy as well as MM did training there before. Damn chilling there, so envios while mine ... sighz ... need I say more. Oh there's another guy who is doing his in-training there too, I dont know his name but he's from Nepal.

Oh la la ... geschmackt gut [taste good] it's real good, a very close call to the authenticity from what we can get back home

Oh Mein Gott!! One couple came when our food reached us. They were speaking French .. not again! I want a break from the French language. Then, the woman was asking the man c'est que ca? [what is that] and both being blur, so they asked Yu Wen hoho ... auf Deutsch [in German] umm ...

Cendol .. aww I miss Cendol badly, very very badly. Cendol not to say that is superb but good enough to leave me satisfied.

I know it's tempting, drooling and mouth watering .. but resist awhile ... to take pic, once in a lifetime okeh .. for now :p

My fooddddd ..

Before I end it here, there is something. Before walking out, I turned to see Raffles Bar and if unlucky, I will get to see some babi there. Who knows I was really THAT lucky to see her, WORKING! Oh la la .. but then apparently, she got lots of complaint ... and I remember she got this job by playing tricks coz there was another girl who wanted this job, and they already said they will go together, but she went without informing and all. Yeah, friends~


Jason said...

Go to the far corner of the world to eat Singapore's food. :P Kesian.

Mochii said...

which jason is this :S haha .. this is life okeh .. then you would appreciate it more, when it's in front of you, it's not gonna be appreciated that much haha :p