Sunday, May 27, 2007

So .. the journey continues in the zoo

It wasnt that busy today, but my legs are like dying. At first I didnt know why, it wasnt superbly busy but why. HAH now I know, it's because I took Goh around Geneva, became a tour guide for a few hours. The end result ... legs felt like breaking. It's always nice when it rains, and I better enjoy it until this Wednesday before it starts shining like some idiot at 30 celcius. It's such a long time I have not drank beer[not alcohol] until today when I drank a 50 cl Carlsberg after work today hehe .... damn long okeh ... few years I think

Bear bear sooo cuteeee, like in deep thought

Hinter ... back .. why are they showing us their back =.= mysterious heh

Hehe Simba sleeping upside down

Yeay nobody is around so took pix

Lion .. Simba's wife :D

Everywhere is green, everywhere is trees ...


zeroimpact said...

For a moment there I thought you were one of the main attraction
You really blend in with the surroundings
Heh heh heh
So when you bring me to the zoo leh

jasonphoon said...

oh look! mochii is a zoo attraction ! hahahha .

oh , those hinters look like giant rats.scarrryyy . in fact , there is a rat somewhere in my house now . damnit ...

Mochii said...

zeroimpact: LOL no way, I wont be the main attraction, sure must take pix to prove that i really went to the zoo haha, haha blend with suroundings? color of my top maybe haha

jason: haha oh dont look :p izzit? haha find a rat trap and put cheese, the old school way haha