Thursday, May 3, 2007

That's the turning point

You know what is annoying, irritating and pissing off? When someone think it's funny but actually it's disrespectful.

Once upon a time, long long ago when everything is new, but maybe not so new anymore ... everything goes on normally, days pass on like it usually does. There was this guy that just annoys me with his capability to speak 2 words of English which is speak France. Even that, it sounds so off, so nvm, this is not the point.

The point is ... he's just so scheisse and so shitto. Why? The reason is as below.

Usually, I will greet him, smile and stuff like that. Right. But before explaining further, let us just take a quick glimpse of asshole in different languages. Let's start it off with English and later followed by others.

Asshole, Arshloch, lubang buntut, ai loo kee, gandu, chu tia, ho kong ...

Yeah, that describes him.

For now, I ignore him, and when he greet or ask how am I ... I would just have to force myself to reply him and I guess that's obvious. Real real obvious. That's due to just one reason, for one thing that he did to me before. It might just be a small little thing for anyone, but not to me coz I just despise people doing this. Someone told me he's an asshole but .. I was neutral since he didnt do anything YET that time. Who knows the next day ...

One fine day after dinner, I was putting my plate to the dish washing area and stuff like that. It was 6.30 if I am not mistaken. He came too to the dish washing area and with an empty bottle of Coca Cola, he hit my head with that and I was just SO GOD DAMN pissed. He laughed at it, and thought it's funny. But, NOT to me. It wasnt pain but I was so pissed, so traumatized, so disgusted and everything else. I lost every single respect for him and he doesnt deserve at all after that tragic incident. He talks to me now, I dont even wanna look at him anymore. Dont even expect me to reply him. NO thanks. For that whole day, I didnt bother to answer him anything at all.

WTB! [what the babi] So right from that moment, feel the coldness ... :D do I look like I care? NO. Someone that I dont have to work closely with, so I dont have to bother.

Real scheisse, pergi mampui la

ANyway, off to Zuerich again, scandalicious ;)


jasonphoon said...

yeah , i learn new word today . Arshloch . aaaha

Iwan Sanchez said...

Wah, u can interpret words with so many languages!!

Wah... This guy really damn babi lah..

Why so rude one? Somemore with a girl sia..

kurang ajar betoi!!!

Mochii said...

jason: yeah good .. hehe remember that okeh as long as u dont use that on me haha

iwan: i learned from friends mar haha, he memang urang ajar, dah la rupa macam babi haha