Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pilatus Part 2

Dtai, torturing manager is back to torture us. Mai pen rai ... 2 weeks

SO ... umm anyway, it's er ... PIlatus time haha

After 90 minutes boat trip along Lake Lucerne, finally .... we reached ... and Pilatus here we come

We stopped at Alpnachstad and we have to take the cogwheel up ...

Yea I know the jacket is like too small for me :p but it's not okeh

This is the cogwheel. This is the world's largest cogwheel railway. Many people thought the engineer, Eduard Locher was crazy when he put forward the idea of building a railway up to Mount Pilatus in the 19th century. But the 4618 m long stretch of railway wa opened in 1889 (steam operation till 1937) and its 48% gradient is stil the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. This was achieved by the brilliantly innovative construction of two horizontally revolving cogwheels, first presented at the 1889 Paris World Exhibition

Me and Goh ... and the guy beside me is from Sweden, and the others are all ... erm dunno, Hong Kong? They said they are chinese but they spoke Canto, and they spoke to each other and one of them said "maybe these 2 are from Indon" dont act smart =.= but anyway this guy was explaining this and that to them but he doesnt really know himself AND he stood up when the cogwheel was on the way up to Mt Pilatus and that's just irritating and and ... the driver got pissed too ....


zeroimpact said...

Indon, LOL
People talk to me in malay all the time back here
And take care, hope the torture will not torture you too much

jasonphoon said...

well , at least not Thai ? hahha ..

joking joking ^_^

that cogwheel mechanism sure looks interesting, is it very noisy ?

Mochii said...

matthew: I prefer this torturing mgr at times rather than my summer mgr coz he just sux :p haha yeah indon it's so whatever

jason: coz we were not speaking thai to each other, as my friend only knows yetmei one and only thai word, haha nah not that noisy, i can fall asleep so nice so windy :p