Friday, June 15, 2007

City of Luzern

Since that for 6 months I was there, I have not taken any pictures on the lion monument, we decided to head over to the lion monument after our ice-cream session in Moevenpick.

This is a terribly and absolutely saddest piece of rock :o This dying beast draped over his shield, with a broken spear sticking out of his flank, was hewn out of a cliff face in 1821 to commemorate the 700 Swiss mercenaries killed in Paris in 1792. On August 10 that year, French revolutionaries stormed the royal palace, the Tuileries; in the face of the mob, the Swiss palace guards were ordered to lay down their arms by Louis XVI and were subsequently massacred. This would be a movingly tranquil spot, with its foliage and gently rippling pool in front, were it not for the fact that it’s the single most touristed place in the entire city.

SOurce: Lucerne

This is the school in Luzern ... compared to my school in a place called Maluri ... like heaven and hell o.O

All these are like going up to the clock tower :D

and this is the city of Luzern ;)

As I have been to the water tower and took pix of it, so we did not go, as well as to the Chapel Bridge

Though I have been here in Genf for almost 6 months now, I prefer Luzern anytime anywhere and anyhow. Luzern is the best ... fuer mich :D Luzern oh Luzern ... ich vermisse dich :( wissen Sie? So peaceful, so calm, it's the best


Kim said...

10 more days hor..
oh dear.. 12 more days for me..
i dunno how come you have so much time to go sightseeing in Switz la..
i always seemed to have no time when i was there..hahaha..
and no money either!!.. =P

Mochii said...

where got? I dragged my post for so long that's why it seems that I always go travelling but it's actually not haha ... Gleis 7 mar ... free after 7 ahha :D

R.J said...

hahaha...comparing geneve and luzern i would agree that luzern is much more better. Fell in love with the place hahaha...mana tak ye...since august till oct almost every weekand etc i cabut to luzern hehehe. did a mini tour with mei mei and mana tahu the whole city we FOOT!!!

Mochii said...

not that big mer hahahha and by foot is always better can explore and see more things compared to by bus or any other means of transportation and swiss mer ... anythng can be done by foot hahahah :D geneve not safe lei ... personally i got freaked out a few times, my friends also :S phobia sial everyone