Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

I am so not used to it, not used of sleeping so late and waking up late and doing nothing. I feel so free but too free in a matter of fact. I am not used to stay at home, no purpose, doing nothing, seeing nobody and it kinda feels depressing.

I really had nothing to do until to the extent that I went back to the restaurant today ... and hang around there and I felt so touched when my chef asked Tina where am I .. hahahhaha. He said he will drink with me :o He is not supposed to drink, that's why I asked if he is sure he is gonna do that, he said he will for me :o Wah seh~

It's Father's Day and it has to rain heh! Yeah ... Father's Day is not as big or important as Mother's Day heh ... apparently. I text my dad telling him that I am done with my internship and wished him Father's Day. Immediately, he called me back and I wished verbally this time but who knows, he said Father's Day is nothing, just a day people make money and waste our money, so don't have to -_- I just wished, dont need money -_- so sincerely wishing him, he said waste money -_- apa benda ni

To all Fathers worldwide, Happy Father's Day


Aaron Chua said...

Yo! Happy Father's day! LOL..

Mochii said...

hahaha .. happy father's day to you :p