Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm back

6.25am now ... Malaysian time ... ummmphhhhhhh ..... and I am back .....

Adik, Tina and DJ sent me off from Carnavin :( Bye Bye Geneva ...

I did not sleep the night before, after I woke up at 11 that day and ... er .... that night I went to Adik's place with Tina dan berborak and we left at 5am to la gare, waited for DJ and planned to take the 5.36am train. Who knows all were like asking me to take 6.14am train. So alright fine I take that.

Then really goodbye at 6.14 I fainted in the train for 3 hours, woke up one stop before Zuerich Flughafen and and ... reached at 9.20am ... oh yea

Didnt sleep in the plane, was one of my worst flights ... felt realy uncomfortable. Food .... haiz ... really like some trash ... and everything is just bad, couldnt sleepppppppp =.=

I slept at 12pm til 7.30pm and then slept again at 12am til now ... or was it earlier o.O

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