Tuesday, June 5, 2007

What a no-words-to-describe day

I will not be updating on Pilatus today. Why?

I feel extremely drained, dead tired, fatigued, worn-out and feel like I am a disabled now. I couldnt walk straight, I couldnt walk fast anymore, I couldnt run, and I couldnt even stand up straight. I have to lean on something. Anytime, I can just collapse as though I have not enough blood. Afternoon was bad enough, the ventilation was practically useless during lunch and can feel like in hell, as all I see in the kitchen is smoke, and it was THAT hazy and misty. I felt like I havent showered for days!! It's just like a sauna, wait! It's worse than a sauna anytime. I couldnt stand it, and I find it literally no air there and couldnt breathe. Even the restaurant was filled with smoke. It's THAT serious, THAT critical. It's the first ever time I really wanna go out at the terrace coz there's air there, there's fresh air!!

At night, it was so over-loaded that no words can describe how I feel. If I were to do closing today, probably I will faint. It was just too busy and as usual, we do not have enough people working =.= My legs became so weak, and I was less than one quarter alive. I was so out of breath ... and I couldnt take it anymore. I couldnt rest at all =.= and ... omg ... just omg. See, I'm out of words. I really really overworked and I really feel like I'm gonna fall sick anytime soon, considering I already have a slight headache. :(

On the way back, something happened, maybe I was just being sensitive, or prejudice or suspicious. I dont know but it's better to becareful. Prevention is better than cure.

I was waiting for the traffic lights to turn green for the human sign. Out of a sudden, this guy came near to me. I dont know where is he from, maybe from country that starts with the letter A. Anyway, I already saw him earlier coz one car honked at him as he just crossed without looking and waiting ... and when he came near to me, obviously I hold on to everything I have, actually ... only my bag hehe. He started ...

Him: Do you speak English?
Me: Er yea *like dont wanna talk to him*
Him: What is the time now?
Me: I dont know
Him: Where are you from? *he walked further away from me a little bit*
Me: Malaysie *didnt smile = coz it's after working hours*

Actually I was wearing a watch but Thank God, I was wearing long sleeves and I didnt fold it up whatsoever. After I said Malaysie, I saw the lights turned green. Immediately, I crossed .. but I dont wanna appear afraid, so I just cross and keep my cool and pretend I didnt hear anything after that. He said something then, but I dont know what coz I just didnt hear. Probably I was just being prejudiced, dont know dont care but as long as everything is good then it's good. I turned back to see if he made a U-turn or something.

If someone were to take my bag, they can steal my keys ;( and my monthly card for public transport in Geneva. In addition to that, haha ... a finishing CK Perfume Eternity, chocolates, lip balm, lip gloss and nothing else. Sorry I dont bring my wallet out and definitely more chocolates. I only have chocolates the most and nothing else.

So ... okie ... I'm damned tired, putain ... figg


Iwan Sanchez said...

wah... so that A is australia?

hmmm... kinda scary hor.. maybe u tink he wanna rob u eh??

maybe u are just taking safety precautionary measures... not being paranoid...


hati hati dong!!

Kim said...

lol..you look too pretty isit..
so shytty la.. i havent been to ur page since like.......FOREVER?.. XD
i noticed u went to Tanah Merah..lol.. i shall visit it next time in genf. lol. cant wait til u get bk. altho it marks the end of my internship...sob sob..
btw, Rachel Cheong is the Asst HR Mgr in MOKUL. try la for GRO or sumthing other than F&B okehhhh..

Darren said...

that's kinda scary u get some coming to you like that.

Mochii said...

iwan: abang, no not Aussie, it'sw one region :p yah perhaps considering this is geneva and not other cities in geneva

darren: haha yea and this is not the 1st time anyway :p

Mochii said...

kim: haha of coz not =.= adoi but the price difference is like heaven and hell haha, yeah .. will find you okie :p make sure ur still in KL ... im reaching on 28 morning .. ya ya thankx 4 that info will try :p

jasonphoon said...

how about pepper spray in your bag ?

Mochii said...

hahha none :p