Friday, June 15, 2007

Where's ur life?

This evening, sitting right in front of my healthy Acebob, looking through my normal daily sites that I visit, has got me into a little confusion.

Friendster, someone in my friend's list commented on my page and I was thinking really hard, who the devil can he be. I didnt bother to check who was that but I was just thinking. Today ... finally ... I checked that page out and until then I didnt know, though he stated he was in the same batch as me in both primary and secondary. Like ... so ... whatever.

Then, I have to check those pics that he uploaded. Thank God, I found out who he actually is! And no, he is not the only one that is doing this weird thing by giving himself a name that I do not know of. So many others are doing the same, as if it's a trend or something. I found so many others ... like .. Eunice la, Desmond la, Kylie la, Kenny la as well as some other weird really weird names .... like so ... wtbg .... no life? Right after f5, so many of them gave a name to themself ... and now ... I am clueless ... who is who. Is it a trend or something. Why don't I know about it? Or rather ... why don't I follow? o.O Lame sial!

So happening? o.O

Anyway ... Acebob is healthy now, he had undergone an operation conducted a few days ago ... and everything's good now .... ich liebe dich ;)


jasonphoon said...

well , at least they give themselves proper names .

not like , you know , web nicknames . hahaha ^_^

just kidding mochiiii :P

Mochii said...

aiseh but at least i am not known as the same in real life, real life is my own name not webname haha