Saturday, July 7, 2007

Finit 3

Yeay I have clothes to wear already, since Adik got the bag back for me on Thursday and I ended up having breakfast twice. Maybe now, I have a little too much clothes, should consider giving more away. I gave some in Swiss, gave more when I came back and maybe I will do it again if really there is no more space in my wardrobe.

I wanna know something very badly .... whyy??? WHy is it so GOD DAMN hot here? WHy??? Tam mai? Warum? Pourquoi? Kenapa? Eesh, it just sucks. Anyway, if I do not blog about this, I will never finish blogging about my in-training. I am SO hungry now =.= urgh damned. Putain.

Hot dish area ... on the left is Creme Brulee, the right is Creme Asperges, and he was making Fillet du Loop if I am not mistaken

Cold dish area, far left is the sauce for Soup du Poisson and we have to scoop the soup ourselves, then it's a dessert namely Duo Fraise, followed by Demi Tartar Somon, and his Renverse, which he MUST drink everyday haha and if I am not mistaken, he was making Press Jack.

This is the bar, that is a 20cl beer, coca light and a bottle of white wine which we then have to put into the ice bucket

We not only have to collect the dishes from the cold and hot dish area, but also here where they make seafood and some other food

Every night, we have to close the terrace or when it is raining. I closed once when the weather was good. My definition of good is raining and bad is sunny. It was 9 celcius and windy -_- and drizzling but I love it. We need to tie the chairs with the damned wire which is so irritating and I have to arrange and put the wire nicely once during winter and it took me 3 hours as everything was so messy and tangled up, as to prepare for the summer in one small store room. From the kitchen to the terrace, it's really far when it's busy.

du pain, svp is frequently being heard around when I was working, it's a daily request by uncountable customers. We have to clean this place every night and on top of the shelf is where we place the jug of water as what we call it Carafe d'eau, tap water and it's free. I hate it when people ask for this because it adds a lot of weight to the tray. When there is no jugs left and it's too busy, I ignore.

Sale means dirty in French, and we have to seperate it, big glasses, small glasses and other kinds of glasses for the bar, as well as small and big cutleries. This is Fillet du GG, and the tray he took is big but then, it is alright, we have to take it everyday like that, with all kinds of stuff, plates, glasses, coffee cups and plates which arent light but we have to and it hardly matters. There is no choice. Sometimes we take the food with this tray with 6 plates on top of it. That is why they prefer to hire guys. WOahhhhh ... I took it quite a number of times, and I was sweating like hell -_- but I managed to .. yeay!

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