Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Finit 4

I feel lighter now, because I just had my hair cut. The girl that cut my hair looks so much like someone I know in IMI. They have similar make-up too but this girl is taller than Kaori, the Japanese girl in my school. Even the way they speak o.O

Anyway, it was a Crab Day yesterday - 8th of July
Happy Birthday to you, happy ketam-ing and selamat crabbie-ing, dont love Marco too much :D

Besides the kitchen, we have bread in the restaurant too, we have to set this up every morning and clean it in the night, and if it rains, we have to open the restaurant. Thus, this wont be here, instead just in the kitchen or maybe in the cafe. It depends.

See, it's actually a restaurant, but if we do not open it, it becomes a mini kitchen. Petit la cuisine. There's a basket for dirty napkins, and we have to empty it in the end of every section, and usually there will be 3 bags full by 2.30 pm. There are 2 rubbish bins. They use the big black plastic and we have to empty it as well before we leave at 3pm, as well as the yellow box, where we put empty bottles there, and also we have to replace it with empty ones when it's full or in the end of our shift. The blue and red bucket is for cutleries, which is damn heavy until I can't even lift it up. But, the others I can ... so usually, I am the one who do the napkins, bins, and the bottles thingy. Yeah never fail to do that everyday. This is also the place where they put the dirty plates, glasses and cutleries, and we have to take it to the kitchen and usually there are a lot of those, sometimes we have to go a few rounds in order to clean all and few seconds later, there are more to clear. Everything we have to set up in the morning too and if it rains in the middle, we have to clean and set up the tables and everything in half an hour.

Yeah we even polish glasses here and this is a view of the restaurant, this is a part timer

The entrance of the restaurant :D

Terrace in the noon ... well evening and at the end of this street is where Zara is located and cross the road is where LV is located o.O


zeroimpact said...

Why so many people cut their hair nowadays
I love crabs, but then to eat outside is a little hassle
But where is the crab

Panda said...

The crab is at home celebrating his bday hhaa