Sunday, July 29, 2007


I sense some disease is gonna attack me, the lazy-to-update-blog syndrome. It hits me each time I blog for a lot for one period of time, and the day when I did not update, it will continue to occur for days later and the mood has to come back, or else ... I will be forever be like that. Sometimes, there are tons of things to update, but I'm just pure lazy. There is no cure, there is no prevention, it just happens.

A story about taking LRT
I actually dislike taking LRT. Firstly, it isn't near my house, the nearest is Taman Bahagia. Finnne ... nevermind. The noise that it makes is so noisy that when people talk to each other, they are practically shouting at each other though they sit near to each other. The announcement is not nice, I prefer SBB so much more. LRT sounds like they are rushing and the tone is just not right but in SBB, they appear to be calm and cool. The seats are not comfy at all, it's so HARD!!! No cushion for me.

This is something I could not accept. I was taking LRT that day, a record ... first in ... one and a half years ago :o This guy ... he stinks like o.O dammitttt okieeeeee and I couldn not change place as it was so packed. Fine, then when I wanted to get off from the LRT, some monkeys come rushing in. Sometimes I wonder, why am I taking the same thing with barbarians. They seriously are o.O


=p said...

if u said the announcement isnt clear....wait till u ride on star lrt...... =.=

jasonphoon said...

i took the LRT too before I left for brisbane. The LRT hasn't been maintained properly and it really stinks, especially towards the end of the day.

The trains are short, they come infrequently and are overcrowded.

Lousy public transportation

Mochii said...

schnecke: =.= erm i dont want no thanks -_-

chou chou: haha sucky transportation and i used to wait for bus at least one hour =.= and the journey takes 10 mins only

Iwan Sanchez said...

hahhaa!! kesian. poor thing.. org india ke??

Mochii said...

no no ... but ... yang majority :p

Iwan Sanchez said...


i tink i know!!!


Nice way of telling me the clue..


pandai bangat dong!!

Mochii said...

hahaha ... if you dont know then errrr ... i dont know what to say :p

The Artist said...

LOL...i totally understand how u feel. i tink lrt almost everyday and the smell is horrible...Those ppl stink like HELLL!!!!

Mochii said...

yeahhh they dont shower for centuries, man!!