Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Meme =.=

I got tagged by Jojoyuki

10 Things I Hate!!

  • Food I hate : Disgusting food

  • Fruit I hate : er .. ?

  • Veggies I hate : Majority of the veggies .. my biggest enemy XD

  • Celebrities/People that I hate : Those w/o attitude, stucked up and those who forget about the roots, plus degrading the own nationality and country in front of foreigners and those who fake the accent and don't carry it well which makes them look so stupid, and pretend to be so god damn happening like the so-called in-crowd ... it feels so d'uh

  • Event/Situation/Incident that I hate : anything bad, negative and etc

  • TV shows/movies that I hate : Horror movies, ghost .. eeesh

  • Music I hate : Techno bleh

  • Household chores that I hate : alles

  • Things that you hate around the world : war war war, stupid things, disaster

  • Things that you hate about yourself : bum, blur case, sleepy head :D

The Face Behind The Blog

This was in 2004 when IHTTI organized a Green Day trip to Basel's Zoo during my Higher Dip there.

This was taken last year during our all Malaysian trip to Geneva kaka .. :p

Oops this was never disclosed before hehe ... just before I went for the part time job under Fondue House in Luzern

I think this is the most boring part, the intro. I'm 22 and turning 23 this year, live in KL, 2nd in the family, one elder brother and 2 non-human siblings (my dogs). Then er ... went to school yada yada ... then to KDU yada again, further up to IHTTI until Higher Dip and thought of quitting but Uncle Chua and everyone else advised me to go for Degree and so I was still keeping in contact with Crabbie so yada yada I went to IMI and continue to yada away. Final year in secondary went for same dancing classes, and found that I have a passion for it and yada again. Got into swimming during primary and yada yada haha. Did some slavery work during my college days for internships. I don't get paid so I consider that as free labour and slavery work. During internships, learned everything from operation to management and yada yada. Okie enough of that, it's so boring. Then, when I was doing degree, for the sake of the experience, I stayed on for another half a year and yada yada, suffered like hell in the beginning, both physically and mentally as it is very physically demanding and eventually it became something mental. But, in the end, I love that place. I hate it yet I love it.

I love blogging for the sake of blogging, internet surfing, hanging around, hate the sun, love the snow, eating good food, eat drink yada yada. I don't even know ... anything and whatsoever it hardly matters hehe. I'm a typical Libran, so I am very indecisive ... when I can't decide something, I will say that I am a libran kaka. I love ice-cream, I love chocies, I love cakes, I love watches, I love ... whatever.

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*OMG! This is the most difficult meme in my entire life, I'm done FINALLYYY, phew *pengsan*~

p/s: it's not a must to do this MEME ... as you wish :D


tIcKLe`Me said...

nooooooo!!!! :(

but actually, i dont understand la the meme. :)

Mochii said...

LOL ... I needed some time to understand it too, I just followed everything copy paste kaka hehe :D

zeroimpact said...

Now I know I'm not the only one that don't understand
I'll see what I can do

Mochii said...

hahahah ... yay at least I'm not the only one too haha

jasonphoon said...

yay yay not compulsory ^_^

chou chou , i long time dunwan do tag already laaa :(

Julie said...

okay, i thought i was the only one. HAHAHAA. *scratch head*

Kenny Ng said...

Sorry la, I did mentioned I don't do tag anymore especially with the link to post up. Very sorry.

Mochii said...

chou chou: it's okie, I said as you wish :D

julie: haha even now i dunno if it's correct, i simply do LOL

kenny: no worries ;)

=P said...

the picture nice le~

Mochii said...

snail: what so nice =.=

=p said...

urm..the 1st one...decent n nice...2nd pic.., i wanted to see tht look again :p...hehe..if u knw wht i meant...

Mochii said...

snail: LOL apa tat look again haha

Dennis Bjørn Petersen said...

Thank you very much for the link love. Its great to see the list still alive and that it has traveled so far.

I recently moved from to and changed name from Petersen Inc (which I use as a private blog now) to The Beta News.

Could I persuade you to do me a favour? Change the name from Petersen Inc to The Beta News and the link to:

Thank you very much :-)

=p said...

ms chubby look~ :p