Friday, July 20, 2007

Paris 4

Do you know what does it mean by retarded hair? Retarded hair is a combination of the sucky weather called humid in addition with the already existed dry hair, which can also be called as frizzy. This retarded hair cannot be cured and it will follow you wherever you go. Thus, I am one of the patient or victim of retarded hair that I have endured for decades now -_-

Okie, finally I have done something = rebonding. That is the one and only solution to it. People frequently ask if I have curled my hair or something, like no??? -_- I like the end result but I hate and I despise the process. At the moment when he was doing it, I so feel like killing myself right there and then, it was worse than hell. Going through the torture for 3 hours, geez! That's the worst that I have been through, yeah the worst. Getting an injection is even better, going to a surgery room is even better. As a result of the whole process, I felt freaking drained. Like damn putain okie.

Anyway, enough of retarded hair, let's go on with Paris and this is gonna be my last post for it. I lurve this ... the last memory that we had before we left Paris and the best of it is ... we never expected it at all. It was something very spectacular, and beyong our imagination :o woah!

There were 3 guys there and we saw so many people surrounding this place. So, being the kiasu ones, we don't wanna be left out. We took a look as well. Woah breakdance .. this guy, in blue was the one always breakdancing but ... he's such a turn off, then there's another guy, in white, well .. he's better but ... not that good either. Just so-so la-la or you call it comme ci comme ca in French.

Then, I saw this guy, he was just practising himself there and it instantly caught my attention. From then, I so wanted him to perform and stop breakdancing himself. His style alone can already portray that he's way much better than the other 2.

Yeahhh breakdance siut

Chun sial

Na rak-nye
Tres mignon

That's it, so conclusion. Even though I did not have the chance to take pics with the characters of Disney, but this one made it up. We ended our Paris trip with a blast. Yes, a real blast. Nothing could have been better. Oh I love Paris now coz of this HAHA! :D


Iwan Sanchez said...


so cool sial!! i have never seen a real life breakdance!!

are u terpikat with the guy?


gatal eh!!!

Mochii said...

yeah damn freaking cool!!!

Oik, apa terpikat pulak .. ur head =.= this is call ..admire ... coz he's talented lolz

jasonphoon said...

ooOOOoo mochi terpikat !

Saya cemburu laa...

Mochii said...

hahah chou chou ... you will always be my chou chou kakakaka :D

snail~ said...

tht fellla gaya wei~

Mochii said...

damn gaya .. damn damn damn gaya that kind :p