Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Anniversary, Malaysia, my country

This date, 31st of August 50 years ago, was the day we gained our independence from the British after ages under the British rule. We were finally free, we may lead our own lives, own rules, everything by our own without a need of an approval from the English. That's the greatest gift of all for all the Malayans back then.

However, the formation of Malaysia only comes a few years later, specifically on the 16th of September 1963.

I am sure many of you had gone out celebrating, hanging out, chilling out with friends, enjoying the moment of 50 years ago. It was a joyful day, for what reason I don't know. Everyone's asking everyone how did you celebrate your 31st August.

One year ago, I did absolutely nothing, but we purposely downloaded the Negaraku song to be heard. After all, there is nothing Malaysian in Switzerland. We went around wishing other Malaysians Happy Merdeka hahaha, like some insane fellas.

So yeah ... back to the topic, what did I do. Seriously, do not ask me, it's quite depressive. I was looking forward to celebrate, I already have a few plans on my list. First was to go with Kit as she asked me to accompany her. Second was to go for fireworks. Third was to go wherever with my buddy. But, my dreams shattered. I could not celebrate, and honestly speaking, I have stayed home every Merdeka. When I finally decide to go out on this spectacular day, this has to happen. I HAVE to WORK!! Niteshift!!! That's the worst ever thing that could ever happen to me. YET, some creature has to tell me how nice it is to watch fireworks and all. Do NOT tell me, I am simply not interested. That's just too mean.

Until today, I just realized that my ex-boss loves me so much, so much that he did not make me work for 8 days consecutively like what I am facing now. I have to work 8 night shifts consecutively, without any break in-between. My ex-boss never let me work 8 days straight. Let's not talk about 8, he never gives me more than 5 days before while othes had like 7-8 days before. Now I realize. Omggg .. he treats me sooooo goood and I'm so touched.

While I was working, and looking at the stuff I was doing, I realized 2 people walked in, rephrase, I realized one person walked in with one creature. AND .. you know what? OMG!!!!!! It was Kylie OKAY!!!! Kyliee ... omgggg soooo toucheddddddddddd sial. Fireworks around KLCC was sad. Really sad. Barely one minute of fireworks and that also comes from Bukit Bintang area -_-

You know what? I left work at 7 plus, went to LRT. HEH!! WHat the oh my bloody god. The LRT was so so so so bloody congested. I hate them, man! From that moment onwards, I got so pissed, like basically every single person there. I just couldn't withstand in situation like this, MAN!! This is madness, mad cow disease!!! At like 8am!!! OKAY!!! You know why?

They are all getting to this damned place for nuts


I love you, Malaysia :p haha

Thursday, August 30, 2007


We have been talking about patriotism over and over again for so many years and yet there's no conclusion to it, everything seems to be at square one repeatedly every single year. It's always and forever will be the topic once August approaches.

We condemn as much as we love for our own reasons. When we are here, all we wanna do is to leave the country, but as soon as we are out of the country, that's the last thing you wanna do. How ironic, but it's true.

Those days, there wasn't a need to show how patriotic we are, there's not a need to sing, not a need to put up flags and stuff like that because patriotism comes from within. Today, it's the other way round. Patriotism is shown through actions. But ... when it comes to within, how many actually really are.

I believe that no matter how we condemn our country, we still love it. Probably there are a handful of people who hates it as much as they can. There are of course but not that I care. I realized that being out of the country makes someone becomes more patriotic haha. Well, there was a time that this babited huten condemned the country like shit in front of a total stranger and all. It's such a disgrace I tell ya. It was such a pissing off time that maybe, not many could understand that feeling. I don't see a point of dropping your country's name in front of a foreigner.

If one does not intend to promote and not proud about the country, then say nothing, don't open that big mouth to tell people that this country sux. I can remember that day very vividly.

We are a nation, not an individual, that's why ... my name in MSN became anak Malaysia
if any of you were wondering at that moment, that incident was an inspiration and a turning point.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


It has been quite some time that I did not blog about some sheisse and babi post, but this will be one. Nothing serious but ... yea.

You know what I despise. I despise people or rather the stupid idiotic species keep on whistling at others when they see species different from them. Like so .. whatever. Not like those people they whistle at know them or something.

I hate this stupid bloody bastards attitude. They just love doing that AND they even try calling out to them, but of course to no avail.

If you are wondering why am I blogging at this hour while I already had my day off yesterday, it's because I have started my graveyard shift (11pm - 7am). Talk about it more next time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nite out @ Geneva

This is an .... an .... an .... outing in Geneva. Not really an outing, it was actually a impromptu one that I never expected that I will go. Anyhow, I did promise Adik that I will go out at nite with him before leaving for good.

This is the truth, and I am not afraid to admit, I have never gone out to clubs in Geneva, call me a sad case fella. HAHA. Seriously, I never. What I did then was to work and back to work. So .. yup.

That nite, I just went out. By not knowing anything, I drank something and it's Sex on the beach. After that we went downstairs .. but you know something. This gotta be the best ever thing you could ever ask for. You know what? It's ladies nite. No, it's not the simple Ladies nite in KL. BUT ... this is FREE FLOW all the way. Free flow okayyy? Get drunk also nvm haha. How often can you get free flow throughout the nite? How? I have never got that before until that day. Just DRINK!!! Let's maooooooo!!!

Sex on the beach mon cherry :D

Starting ...

So many people .. stuffy .. so I sweat .. that's why red okie :p

Monday, August 27, 2007

I believe so, hope

So much for the outings, the pictures, the work, the good, the bad, the times that I spent with people. It's a moment of thought now.

We live a life of tomorrow. We don't live for the past. We look for the future, we don't turn back of the past and mourn. We live for ourselves and not for people, we choose our path, we choose our life, we do things our way, we do what we like and what we are comfortable in.

Life's flow is not straight, but that doesn't mean we have to be the same way. Things can change for the better. We look up to the stars. There are hope. We put hope, and faith and that's what we believe in. Without hope, there is nothing left we can do. Look for the good side and not the bad one.

Waiting ... hoping ... and believing in you, that someday things will be just there, things will be the way I was expecting, and am expecting. I believe .. one day, things will be fruitful, like the way I always want it to be. And .. I still believe so.

Though things are not always what we expect to be, as long as there is hope, things will be just fine.

C'est la vie mon amis

Saturday, August 25, 2007


This plan was an impromptu one. I was actually having my dinner with SP in Food Foundry when Shaz called. Yeah it happened on the same day. I was surprised with the phone call, not so much on the phone call, but more on ... coz it was Shaz. Why must I be surprised coz of Shaz? Surprised that he actually HAS my number, he lost it as many times as I can remember, you all sure knows how capable he is :p

So yeah, after Food Foundry, we went over to Starbucks Center Point. We as in only and me as in Escargot while SP and Meow didn't wanna go. There were 3 people already there, excluding the one working there. 3 as in Shaz himself, William and Zech with Paul working there ;)

This is actually not the first time meeting him, but the second time. The first ever time was last year in The Curve, specifically the Paddington Pancake House when Onii was back here from UK in June. AND ... so many people were there. Oh btw, that's when I met Albert that nite, his colleague. Umm and I didn't know it's him until months later when I got to know of his blog and went like "OH MEIN GOTT, it's SHAZ!" :p

just look at him with 2 starbucks drinks, don't you think he's kewt? :p HAHA

Even kewt-er when all you see is just one cup left, now you see, now you don't

It's the group pic, L-R: Escargot, Shaz, ich, zech and william

I was quite reluctant to take pic ... coz ... he's just soooo tall =.= c'est pas bon la -_- yeah so in the end I took as well ... the ambassador of Starbucks :S

Right, since this post is about meeting up with people ... let's make it another one ...

Last Tuesday, I met up with another person that I have known since last year but have yet to meet. Who? We live quite far apart, he's in Old Klang Road o.O and he's the one who told me about the Bloggers gathering in Friendster Cafe before. BUT, knowing me .. I don't go meeting people in those kind of gatherings. Just not my cuppa tea ;)
Who can you think of? It's Kenny, enjoy your Dubai trip. He brought along his bloggie friend name .. Neil. =.= *swt* I just do not know what to say :S sighz. Anyways, he actually reminds me of someone, I meant Kenny. o.O another person who is so common with someone else I know o.O

It was really nice meeting with them

Friday, August 24, 2007

I dont wanna be a sad case

I know that usually I am already quite pathetic, but today ... I guess my most pathetic day has come for me. I just do not know what and how or why. But, I am just pathetic in the sense that I don't even have anybody who is free to have one simple dinner with me. I am not asking for a glamour classy dinner, but just ... dinner. At the roadside, at the mamak or anywhere will do, but I'm THAT pathetic that none is available. :s Vater went drinking, mutter went genting, snail crawling with friends, Kartoffel in class, piggy in Pahang -_- after so many, I gave up, in the end, I went to Spicy to tapao [take-away].

Haha .. well. The other day was my first ever time to have tips, not a lot I know, but tips is still tips. I can watch 3 movies already :p I didn't ask for it. As happy as I was, otosan suddenly said not to take :( so being the obedient one, I told this guest not to tip me today as he put the tips on my hand, but then I said it's okay just keep it, and he insisted it. Not my fault to take, rite. A bellman can buy bungalow today ... coz he got 50 pounds for opening a lift =.= dang! That's even more than my one month's tip in Geneve -_-

Now, right now ... I am sitting in my room sipping teh ais =.=

I feel like saying this "some people can win the noble prize for the best actress." woahhh *applause* why? coz they just are. Not colleagues tho ... but some guests haha. Who the devil leaves handbag behind o.O when it's not there anymore, screams to the whole world and whine -_- like a small baby. Sad-nya.

Oh shitto I miss Datuk MY as little as a split second!!!!!!!!!!!! DANG! Reason: went to the washroom :'(

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Food Foundry is superlicious

A couple of weeks ago on a weekend, I was hanging in 1U when SP called. She asked if I know the place that the MYB moderators gathering supposed to be held initially. It wasn't me who suggested because I don't even know the existence of the place. It was Ming Yang. She found the place after calling her up and guess what, the next thing I know was .. we were all heading there for dinner. Alright then, Chou chou, don't kill me, food pics time. We were directed by Meow Meow .. and so we got there without any problem :D

This is the menu. They are not located in any happening or hotspot in town, but in some quiet little unknown area called Section 17. No aircond, just fan. Love the environment. The ambience is good for a friends or family outing, chill out, have a great meal. It will just be perfect for it. Parking space is not a problem at all, there are plenty of those there. It's located exacty at BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13 PJ.

As we reached, SP and Meow already finished their main course -_-

chicken chop Mix herb marinated chicken, grilled and topped with brown shallot sauce. Serve with mash potatoes and salad

I took this and it's called chicken cirdon bleu and it's superb, Boneless chicken breast rolled with ham and cheddar cheese, topped with creamy mushroom sauce

Meow ordered this, not bad

called strawberry and cream mille crepe :p

and finally mine, not in the menu tho, this comes only once every 2 weeks, very jelak :o

Overall, it's damn worth to dine there, the food is yums and the price is reasonable though I don't really like the desserts :p

for more info on the menu, place, directiion and sort of please refer to food foundry

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Food ... no

It was such a long time I have not eaten rojak. I was so tempted, and I was craving for rojak so badly. No matter what, I just have to have rojak that day, at any cost! After work, had a congestion in KLCC LRT :p and headed over to KJ ... and waited for Snail over there :o and went over to Uptown :D

Rojak yums ....

Tadaaa ... another food thingy ... went over to The Curve that weekend ... and not knowing what to eat, we stopped by at Rojak-Rojak

Umm yes it's their fishball kueh teow and ... umm kinda tasteless

My otosan ordered this ... it's actually some something pedas mee and it ended up looking like laksa Johor and tasting like tomyam o.O really rojak :D

No 2nd time

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finit 8

Heyz, I was so dead tired yesterday that I was in bed at 11pm and woke up at 10 or 10 plus. 11 hours of sleep was so great but I never have enough. I still wanted to sleep. Hence, the reason for no updates.

Anyways, not really alert now ... I am but not that ... and thus, all the pics for today ... well, from my in-training only and nothing else, will do bout some starbucks outing some time soon.

Mr Balula ... almost closing already, but I was already off duty that time :p my last day was schedule 6 which is 11-3 and 6.30-11.30 :p

This is my fave manager, and the ever funny manager, but also kinda scary coz .. coz .... he walk pass me and he can just put the ice cube in my shirt during winter .. and on my last day while I was there (as in not working, but there to visit), he actually took the whole ice bucket and wanted to pour on me =.= and ... he chased me from inside until the street =.= does he look tipsy there? HAHA yesh and yea he loves doing the F1 sound almost each time he sees me -_- and make funny eyes when he walk pass me :s and not to forget, he's the one who always let me off early, sometimes few hours beforehand :D :D

It's Tina ... omg not another chubby pic of mine =.=

I was lucky enough to get hold of him to take pix. Usually, he doesn't do closing, I can count with my fingers how many times he did closing. But, he did that night, of course I asked beforehand what shift was he doing that day hehe. He's one of the seniors there :D and his perfume is so damn nice :D :D he's Jean Phillip but we call him J.P and when pronounced it in French, it's Gee Peh

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Geneve 3

Let's go back to nature today. It cannot be denied that nature is very refreshing, cooling and calm, that gives you the utmost satisfaction of relief.

Represents you ... Geneve

This is a very quiet place, very solemn ... great place to hang out to release your stress from work

Wasser ... water ... eau

Rabbit ...

This is where the water jet comes out from ... the base

Not to forget ... the famous and attractive unique clock on the hill. This attracts many tourists ... I do not know what, but somehow everyone comes to Geneve, they will definitely take pix of this. No, it's not for display purpose, the time is correct, it moves, see it was almost 3 that day and I almost finished work haha.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Never give a damn what people say, never give a shit what people do, never give a woof how people look, just a word, NEVER.
Some people love bothering and what we call it as kepoh-ing around people's stuff and business that have absolutely no relation with them, yet they still wanna know everything, as if it involves them. These days, people just wanna bring others down by just saying some mumbo jumbo things that the others don't wish to hear. They thought by this way, the other party may lose the anger, may lose their consciousness and eventually lose out on everything. Have you ever realized that these days, people are more dramatic compared to before? They are sometimes very interesting to be examined, and to be experimented. It's a fact in life, things aren't always sweet and ups all the way. We go through ups an downs, sweet and bitter things, happiness and sorrow, ying and yang and etc. We go through some turning point that may change our life forever. Now or never. We ought to live our life as an individual.

No matter how much it is, don't ever give a damn on others, especially those who have that evil intention within them. Do not lose to them in just a small tiny weeny matter coz it's so not worth it. They have the right to do anything they want, but we hold the decision. We decide to allow who into us, and disallow them into us.

I am pretty sure that our purpose in life is not all about getting bullied by others all our life, and that our happiness lies in their hands. We live in fear, we live in torments. Others decide our happiness. Why are we here then? Scrap all that trash and thoughtlessness, we think for ourself, we live for ourself, we decide our own life, nobody can except us.

Some very common phrases "do I even care" or "I dont give 2 woofs" or "why should i bother"

haha, but no, nothing is happening here just feel like blogging with more words ;)

c'est la vie

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Many of us are blessed with family. The way we are blessed differ from each other. I can say that I am truly blessed. I have a family, I am not alone walking on the streets. I am blessed with so many people supporting me, and not letting me die of hunger :p

But, what I am blessed with is ... not everyone are blessed with. They came into my life, we have been through a lot together. It was so much til that I cannot imagine my life without them. They are my inspiration and the only ones that understand me. They do not say anything, doesn't mean they don't acknowledge and that they do not understand. They are the ones that I can pour my heart out and they can keep my deepest secrets, not afraid that people would know. Happiness has carve way for me. It has been ages since they came into my life and they are already part of me. They feel me. They are the best things that could happen to me in life.

WHY? One would ask.

April, so cute and so adorable ... she's my sista ... smart-ass woof, come April, go rolling rolling on the floor ... greedy fella, and so localised, she loves durians ... the opposite of Toby

I know this dude here is like damn fat, but that means he's well fed and he's happy haha. He's emo, so don't go in front of him and take pix. Most important of all, he's the funniest ever dog I have ever met in my entire life. He's just so hilarious, he's the clown in my family. I will not go into details what he does, coz it will embarrass him okie ... later he emo again

*woof woof*

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bak Kut Teh

I was at that town more than a year ago, having my last good food before leaving last year. I purposely wake up at 6 plus just to have it. This year, the same thing happen, but a bit later than the first time I went. What is it? Yesh! Klang Bak Kut Teh, yup, I had it. Probably 3 weeks after I came back, I finally went for Bak Kut Teh Klang.

I know that the distance is quite far. But then, I don't always do this. Enjoy the pic .. though they weren't some good shots.

This time we went to a different shop because apparently the one we went previously has drop its standard. Thus, we opted for this. It's different from the normal bak kut tehs around KL, the taste is just different. It's unique. I like it, yums. The experience is oh la la~

Monday, August 13, 2007

Day out @ ss2

Few weeks ago, or rather the Sunday before 1st of August, was the last weekend that I had my independence or freedom in a matter of fact. Three of us, as usual, not knowing where to go, ended up in KFC. Probably it's nothing special for you, just another fast food chain, but it does to me, coz I miss having KFC like .. HELL. Three of us, as in Snail, Kylie and myself.

While we were having, or rather .. after we finished, I got a call from Lait aka Mikel aka Splashmilk. He just finished his best ever movie with Oink. Then, they were coming to SS2 as well. What's next? From KFC, we hopped into the hawker center not far away from KFC. We walked, and ended up eating again. Look at this first.

I had this, I last had this the last decade [exaggerating a bit]

Then Lait ordered escargot :o I tried one, tasted like sotong, not as awful as I thought it is. Why the pic? Snail taking pic with his relatives

After awhile, we changed location to somewhere nearby to have this

I dont know what is it called, Lolo Mango? Dont know the weird name but this was what I have been told :o I had this

Lait had this

No comment ...zzzzz ....

8 random facts about me

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Ein: Sleeping is something I spend a lot of time in. Either I sleep a lot, or I sleep damn little but no matter how much I had, I don't seem to have enough. My record was 23 hours straight :p

Zwei: I hate the sun, I hate the hot weather but I lurveeeee the cold weather to bits.

Drei: I love to watch sports :p but not all

Vier: Travelling is part of me

Funf: Honestly, I don't like living in a busy as hell place, but a more peaceful, calm and quiet life. Sound like a retiree, but .. nahhh

Sechs: I am working now =.=

Seben: I love hanging out, even it means I'm already really tired, I can still go out for entertainment

Acht: I enjoy havin good food

Neun: I'm a pure Malaysian

Zehn: Bumping into ex-school mates is not a good thing

Whoever wanna do, then go ahead to do it. Let's just put it I am tagging everyone and not tagging everyone :p hehe

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Zum Wohl

I know that I just blogged about work, but ... I guess, that's the only thing I can blog about currently. It was my last exposure day today and I went to the club floor today for it and I love it. At least it does not make me feel like a bodyguard, yea finally. Haha ... f&b in the morning and my hand was trembling later on, I could not even hold a paper haha. But, it's alright haha. First time usually is a real killer after not holding heavy stuff since mid June. Then, I was wrapping some stuff for the rest of the day and you know something? There's this guest that I suspected he's from Swiss, coz he has that Deutsch accent, who knows????? He really is!!!! haha anyways ...

Yea, the work today brings back memories about my work back in Geneve, like how I started. This time is definitely easier for me, as some of the things are the same. Coffee here is more high tech haha, you don't need the skill haha. Touch screen omg ... I'm so much behind than the time now :o

Let's go back in time .. few months back ... Adik had this school thingy going on in this club ... apparently the school sponsored few hundred CH for their students to drink that nite, but I sneaked in. Well ... just one only =.= went there to see see look look. Yea was there til the wee hours and I had like what ... 3-4 hours of sleep :p

Back: Therry and Fadi,
Front: Me, Maria and Sophie

Rolande, Mimi and me

Group pic ... alles zusammen :D

While these 2 pics took place just a week before I got back ... in Shakers

Before ... and .. chubby =.=

After ... if I'm prepared I will reveal how red my face is, this is the least red one :D haha

After this, we went to the lake at 5 plus to see sun rise ... :D

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Finit 7

I seldom have porridge. I had it, today. After work today, dad and I headed to this place which is very famous for their porridge. I have been going since like forever and never gone there for dont-know-how-many-donkey-years ago. It's located in Jalan Tun Sir Henry H.S. Lee. The traffic there is bad, but ... once in awhile for the sake of food, what matters is the food. Their porridge is somehow different from the normal ones. For this, they serve you the porridge and raw fish. Not that they expect you to eat it raw, but you have to place those fish in your porridge and eat it after a few minutes, it will be all cooked by then. Nice heh? Satisfying~

I have kinda abandoned my pics from Genf regarding my in-training, so here it goes

Another extra 20 tables for the summer, and the sun shines very brightly here in the morning and if you so happens to do mis-en-place here before lunch, die if you hate the sun, luckily I didn't

This is David, pronounce it in the French way haha ... he hardly speaks English, how can I communicate? Well, broken English works the best.

Haha omg I forgot his name, ecaille means seafood, coz we dont take the seafood from the kitchen, it's prepared by one kitchen staff. Only one, and if it's really busy, one person from the kitchen will come to help. And .. it's located at a different place, that's the first thing you can see from the outside of the rest. Many people would just look from outside you doing the seafood coz it's a glass and sometimes I feel that they are at a zoo looking at monkeys -_-

This guy was absolutely new, and do you know how long for me to ask him to take pic only he agreed? DAMN long alright. AND .. not like I can converse in French -_- but the absolutely broken ones but understandable, apparently haha

Just for pic ...