Saturday, August 18, 2007

Geneve 3

Let's go back to nature today. It cannot be denied that nature is very refreshing, cooling and calm, that gives you the utmost satisfaction of relief.

Represents you ... Geneve

This is a very quiet place, very solemn ... great place to hang out to release your stress from work

Wasser ... water ... eau

Rabbit ...

This is where the water jet comes out from ... the base

Not to forget ... the famous and attractive unique clock on the hill. This attracts many tourists ... I do not know what, but somehow everyone comes to Geneve, they will definitely take pix of this. No, it's not for display purpose, the time is correct, it moves, see it was almost 3 that day and I almost finished work haha.


Iwan Sanchez said...


the place memang looks so calm!!!

how i wish i can be in geneve to experience this! it gives me some tranquility ambience!!

whose body is the rabit cling on to?

so cute!!

and the clock? omigawd!! Freakin COOL!!! can?

Mochii said...

yeah really nice place to spend ur day off in but i didnt my day off i just stay in my room as if it's a prison or something hahaha but i did go to that place few times hehe

i thnk the rabbit was on tina's shoulder haha :p

hehe the clock yea that's why it's unique and it's so biggg sooo nicee :p

schnecke~ said...

park looks deserted nice!

the rabbit... :o

the clock...urm....looks like a clock :O :o .....unique..

oh yea..i noticed tht the weather is quite nice...

Mochii said...

that is not called deserted =.= that is calm and peaceful and solemn -_-

a clock of course looks like a clock, a clock cant be looking like an animal -_-

talking bout swiss, weather sure nice lolz

claudine said...

you should have self timed the camera, jump in for the clock pic :P

Mochii said...

jump o.O LOL im so not into jumping eh :p

a^ben said...

the bunny, the fountain` the clock! FFuahhhhhhhh

so ur now back for holidays only is it???

Mochii said...

a^ben: haha nice way of putting it lol .. nope im back for good :p