Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy 50th Anniversary, Malaysia, my country

This date, 31st of August 50 years ago, was the day we gained our independence from the British after ages under the British rule. We were finally free, we may lead our own lives, own rules, everything by our own without a need of an approval from the English. That's the greatest gift of all for all the Malayans back then.

However, the formation of Malaysia only comes a few years later, specifically on the 16th of September 1963.

I am sure many of you had gone out celebrating, hanging out, chilling out with friends, enjoying the moment of 50 years ago. It was a joyful day, for what reason I don't know. Everyone's asking everyone how did you celebrate your 31st August.

One year ago, I did absolutely nothing, but we purposely downloaded the Negaraku song to be heard. After all, there is nothing Malaysian in Switzerland. We went around wishing other Malaysians Happy Merdeka hahaha, like some insane fellas.

So yeah ... back to the topic, what did I do. Seriously, do not ask me, it's quite depressive. I was looking forward to celebrate, I already have a few plans on my list. First was to go with Kit as she asked me to accompany her. Second was to go for fireworks. Third was to go wherever with my buddy. But, my dreams shattered. I could not celebrate, and honestly speaking, I have stayed home every Merdeka. When I finally decide to go out on this spectacular day, this has to happen. I HAVE to WORK!! Niteshift!!! That's the worst ever thing that could ever happen to me. YET, some creature has to tell me how nice it is to watch fireworks and all. Do NOT tell me, I am simply not interested. That's just too mean.

Until today, I just realized that my ex-boss loves me so much, so much that he did not make me work for 8 days consecutively like what I am facing now. I have to work 8 night shifts consecutively, without any break in-between. My ex-boss never let me work 8 days straight. Let's not talk about 8, he never gives me more than 5 days before while othes had like 7-8 days before. Now I realize. Omggg .. he treats me sooooo goood and I'm so touched.

While I was working, and looking at the stuff I was doing, I realized 2 people walked in, rephrase, I realized one person walked in with one creature. AND .. you know what? OMG!!!!!! It was Kylie OKAY!!!! Kyliee ... omgggg soooo toucheddddddddddd sial. Fireworks around KLCC was sad. Really sad. Barely one minute of fireworks and that also comes from Bukit Bintang area -_-

You know what? I left work at 7 plus, went to LRT. HEH!! WHat the oh my bloody god. The LRT was so so so so bloody congested. I hate them, man! From that moment onwards, I got so pissed, like basically every single person there. I just couldn't withstand in situation like this, MAN!! This is madness, mad cow disease!!! At like 8am!!! OKAY!!! You know why?

They are all getting to this damned place for nuts


I love you, Malaysia :p haha


claudine said...

im working as well :P

jasonphoon said...

erm , I'm drunk at the moment on this merdeka night !

happy merdeka !!!

Jasonmumbles said...

You so patriotic one ah! :D

Mochii said...

claudine: yeah .. work work .. suddenly heard fireworks then run out of the hotel haha

jason chou chou: yer i also want :p

jason: haha yesh yesh now only you know? :p

tIcKLe`Me said...

kesian sp kerja on merdeka. :(


but at least you've got some nice photos! :D

Mochii said...

i took it from the lrt :p hahaha

some creature :( said...

i said this earlier;

"have hope, have faith..its merdeka...ntg is impossible "

see...i told ya.. :p

as for the 'fireworks', its worth the drive there ... :) although i felt like the tikus in Ratatouille 's poster...*swt*

the parade pics...not colourful :o

Mochii said...

creature, that line is my line, why do you steal it? and im the firm believer of it, dont have to say it like im the most pathetic person okie -_- the book "men from mars and women from venus" really describe you but from the venus side. Sorry okie .. Ratatouille is so kewt ^o)

some creature :( said...

urm.... did i? ...sry then...
errr.... at times, its better to say it indirectly....but of coz, there's always exception...depends on situation le.

Ratatouille , still i havent watch it yet :(

gd nite