Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Malaysiaaa ... Bisa

Hey hey .. today marks the starting of my life as an employee of somewhere, no more full time slacker or bummer say goodbye to my carefree life. I emailed the HR previously few months back as it was in Jobstreet and she personally emailed me in return and at that point of time, I was in Genf ... still. That was why she asked me to contact her when I get back. When I got back, I was kinda paranoid so ... I was just hanging around and all but last week, I do not know what hit me, I just emailed and went for the interview and who knows, I went through 3 interviews on the same day, and few days later, here I am, started work. The world is not that big afterall, I knew Sarah from my previous training and she is also working there in the PR, and I meant it as Mae Mae's ex-classmate or Kylie's ex-Malaccan school mate. So .. yeah. Other than that, I met this guy, that so happens to be my ex-junior o.O I didn't know him but somehow he knows me o.O AND .. do not ask me where am I working, that helps a lot, thank you.

okie let's not talk about that, proceed to .. something that I attended last Saturday, the CIMB Malaysian Open 2007 held in The Curve.

The court, the surrounding but the seatings only for CIMB staff as well as VIPs, not for people like me

Okay, time for the kick-out. 2pm, CIMB Malaysian Open Men ... and we have our Malaysian Azlan there in the finals. He's world number 19 currently

Azlan in action

and tadaaa ...

We have the CIMB Malaysian Open for Women and of course, no doubt we have our Malaysian Nicol David there

My idol, Nicol David, a homegrown local hero ... in action. Look at her shoulders, omg so impressive ... she's the best, deserve everything she has, and there was I, looking at her ... our World Number 1 ...

In-between, there are the cheerleading team ... and omg, it freaks me out when the guy's voice can be heard all around, so freaking loud o.O like I just could not believe my ears alright

This was when it finished ... the press o.O there are few more pics but I will post it up only later because it got on my nerves as it takes 100 years to SUCCESSFULLY upload just ONE pic, just so pissing off!


always~ said...

i think there's a nicol david lookalike there :o

oh..azlan.. :P

btw, the court looks so cool!

Jasonmumbles said...

You were there! Lucky you! :(

Mochii said...

snail: who?

jason: haha yeah went there on purpose

Iwan Sanchez said...


kerja pun mahu rahsia?? hahahaha!

anyway, all the best for ur new job!!

earn big bucks ok!

Mochii said...

iwan: that 1 confirm rahsia haha ... i dont like to reveal where i work :p coz takut takut later i ter-blog and ter-google... bahaya siut